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New Delhi, Aug 05 (PTI) Aryan Jain, a 11th grader, has developed a financial literacy app that aims to empower every person to better manage their income and savings.

Jain has developed this app to ensure that the content reaches maximum Indians and they benefit from it and can secure their future.

The application, DhanDanaDan, is an effort to enable each person to better manage their income and savings, be aware of their short and long term financial needs, save and invest for future needs and to invest money to create a secure future. , said Jain.

Through a series of five animated videos in an urban setting and teenage character-driven storytelling format, DhanDanaDan explains several basic and important financial planning concepts in a simplified Hindi way.

The app is free and currently available in Hindi on Android (Play Store).

Jain, a grade 11 student from SunCity School in Gurgaon, plans to financially educate 7,500 Indians in the next 75 days and then scale up this mission.

In 2021, Jain was the only Indian among the winners of NASA’s Artemis Next-Gen STEM – Moon to Mars app development challenge, where he and students from other countries developed an app to aid in the efforts of the generation Artemis to land astronauts – including the first woman and the next man – on the Moon by 2024. PTI DRR BAL BAL

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