HEIDEN Streaming Track of the upcoming new album; audio


Czech-based band Heiden have released the song “Nevěřím těm očím”, from their upcoming new album. With the new release of the single, Heiden broadens the perspective of his audience through dark, elegant and atmospherically authentic music.

After two experimental rock albums, they return to dark-metal expression and take it to the next level. Enigmatic progressive black metal set in the beauty of the White Carpathians, offers a glimpse into the soul of the local people, sharing the soil, blood, healing and knowledge passed down from generation to generation.

Heiden started in 2003 as a black metal project Pagan. Along with the development of the lineup, the band’s musical intent developed and a gradual shift from black metal to post metal and post rock can be traced through the recordings.

Completely different from most bands in genres, Heiden Solitaire wanders through genres and inspirations. The dark period of the band’s history is mainly represented by the albums Obsidian and Dolores, followed also by the popular album A kdybys už nebyla vymyslím si tě, where there is even stronger post rock and atmospheric metal.

In 2015 the band released Na svůj příběh jsme sam“ and 2019 Země beze mě, which tends to be the most alternative rock in the band’s discography.

Group members:

Einsk – drums
Kverd – vocals, guitars, lyrics
Tom – guitars
Welinga – keys

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