How Procore Added an App to the Construction Toolkit


Jooey Courtemanche is a visionary and a prophet. Ten years ago he rode around Sand Hill – the The dragon’s lair Silicon Valley sector – trying to mobilize investment for his crazy idea: an online platform for the construction industry. It was shrugged off: “There’s no way construction is embracing the technology,” they said. “These guys carry toolboxes, not laptops!” They don’t say that anymore. “We went from idiots to world-changing geniuses,” says Tooey, the founder and CEO of Procore, which does for builders and entrepreneurs what Netflix does for movies.

When I spoke to him, Tooey was comfortably seated in an office in London (although he can often be found in Santa Barbara on the west coast or Hawaii), but he certainly did his share of parades in toe-capped boots. steel with a hammer on his shoulder. He’s a rebel with a cause and a school dropout who refused to follow his family’s great banking tradition. “I like to do the opposite of what you should be doing,” he says. “Everything went horribly well.”

Growing up, he “lived in constantly renovated houses. So I had an affinity with guys with hammers.” He started out collecting sawdust and became a teenage “gofer” for a construction company during his school holidays. When he was expelled from the University of Arizona after getting a D in his astronomy exam, he borrowed $100,000 (£80,000) from his grandfather and started his own construction company . His grandfather made him pay 20% interest: “You’re a high risk,” he explained to me.

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