Hundreds take part in the Covid protest in Cardiff city center


Hundreds of people have taken to the streets of Cardiff to protest coronavirus rules and restrictions.

Currently the rules in Wales mean you need a Covid vaccination pass, proof of a vaccine or a negative coronavirus test in the last 48 hours to attend events where it there are large crowds.

Protesters – which included anti-vaxxers and people against Covid passports – marched through the Welsh capital on Saturday January 22.

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They passed through St Davids Shopping Center and up St Mary’s Street then onto Queen Street before ending at the National Museum.

Cries of “freedom” were heard and protesters – many wearing high-visibility jackets – made a lot of noise as they marched through the city – with high-pitched whistles, drums and megaphones.

Some held signs saying ‘no to vaccination mandates’, others referenced Boris Johnson’s recent lockdown party scandal bearing the words: ‘Leaving politicians weren’t scared’.

Others held signs saying ‘kids are dying from Covid’. Several medical experts, including the independent British fact-checking organization Full Fact, have said that their no evidence linking child deaths to vaccine rollout.

One person wore a cutout of the First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford’, daubed with the words ‘liar’ on it. There were also signs that the government and the media were “the virus” – not Covid, an actual virus from which 153,000 people in the UK have died.

Prime Minister Mark Drakeford was deemed a liar

And others had a phone number for police urging people to report a death caused by the vaccine to officers – some of whom from South Wales Police flanked protesters as they marched through town to get away. ensure that the walk was uneventful.

The protest, which saw adults bringing children, in fact remained peaceful – however, a few words were exchanged as well as puzzled looks from shoppers who disagreed with the protesters’ message.

This is not the first time a Covid-related demonstration has happened in Cardiff.

Last summer, hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters gathered outside Prime Minister Mark Drakeford’s home.

The protest drew condemnation from many who said the scenes amounted to “intimidation” and claimed their tactics that day used a “favorite far-right tactic” in the United States.

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