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Music startup Hyph has announced an upcoming mobile app, which aims to be a music creation and remixing tool accessible to everyone. With the creator economy estimated at $100 billion, Hyph targets the more than 50 million people worldwide who identify as content creators.

Hyph lets users create original songs by taking music from the app’s library and customizing it by adding instrumentals like bass, lead guitar, strings, drums, and piano, or a vocal recording of their song. Users can choose music based on genre or mood. Hyph will be available in the US via invite this fall. The app is slated for a spring 2023 launch and will be available on Android and iOS devices.

Apart from sharing on social media platforms, users can also share their creations in the app with a photo or video of their choice in the background. The music-making-centric social media app will also allow users to take songs created by other users and repost them with new edits.

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The New York-based startup was founded this year by Max Renard, Anthony Kennedy Shriver and Alexander Dessauer. It has raised $26 million in seed funding from private investors. The company aims to launch an app that lets anyone with a smartphone “create professional-quality music,” Hyph wrote in its announcement.

“Hyph will do for music creation what smartphone cameras did for photography, which offered anyone with a smartphone the ability to produce quality photos without the financial commitment and time previously required,” said Renard. . Renard notes that Hyph is aimed at Gen Z, a “hands-on generation that wants to be part of the creative process.” A recent survey revealed that 45% of Gen Zers want to make money by creating content.

The Hyph team says the goal of the upcoming app isn’t for creators to make money as professional musicians, but to have fun creating songs and sharing them with friends. Hyph owns the rights to all songs created on its app, but the company plans to share profits with song creators and music contributors.

In-app advertisements will make Hyph accessible and free for all users. However, it will have paid features and the ability to remove ads for a fee. These premium options will range from $0.99 to $29.99, the company told TechCrunch. Renard notes that Hyph does not rely on AI-generated music, but instead provides a catalog of songs recorded by session musicians.

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