Introducing Flex: the flexible app that lets you create a whole new look for your iPhone.


Personalize your device with matching Live Wallpapers, Ringtones and Widgets and create an insane array of options to suit your moods.

iPhones never looked this good.

Until Apple finally offered a customizable upgrade in 2021, iPhone users were left behind. It was a little embarrassing, don’t you think? How on earth did Android users have so many more options to customize their devices? ! Anyway, everything is under the virtual bridge right now and today we will introduce you to the best all-in-one app that lets you customize your phone.

Flex – 3D Live Wallpaper Maker

When it’s time to give your phone a makeover, you’ll need a one-stop shop that lets you create a variety of moods. Because who wants to watch the same thing every day? I went there, it’s done.

Flex stands out for a few nifty factors. First of all, the effects are unreal – by far the most impressive feature is how it combines audio (ringtone) and visual (wallpaper) to create a seamless experience.

But there is more :

An impressive cache of themes – Including Nature, Animals, and Abstract (arguably the most popular options to date) as well as Glitch, Swag, and a host of distinct Apple-related themes.

Wallpaper Creator – The best part? You can create amazing wallpapers from your photos which is as awesome as personalization could ever be. Add special effects to your photos, save a copy and use them on your lock screen, home screen…or both!

Matching ringtones – The hottest tunes to match your favorite wallpaper? Flex can do that and that’s the one feature that sets it apart from other such apps. Match the melody to the visual to create a truly personal and elegant style. From drums to electro, bass, HeartBeat, Shambala and more, finding your unique and perfect style is easy and fun.

Widget- Widgets take customization to a whole new level, but they do more than just state your style. For widgets to be great, they should also be useful and practical, allowing you to be even more productive. There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to access what you need right from your home screen. Stop wasting time searching for individual apps and scrolling endlessly. One click and you’re done. Currently, Flex offers three beautifully designed widgets, but the developers promise to expand the collection.

Watch faces – Flex recently received the most exciting update yet: a gorgeous collection of Live Watch Faces so the makeover can extend to your Apple Watch too. Among the vast array of ubiquitous (and boring) watch faces, finding something unique is a challenge. Flex has worked hard to deliver a plethora of striking faces to style your smartwatch. Choose from a variety of stunning designs and attract admiring glances to your wrist.

Choose Flex for a seamless user experience

Flex is an all-in-one application that can replace a number of tools. The developers have done some serious groundwork here, bringing together the most wanted features so you can easily replace a bunch of other apps that only do a fraction of the job. Plus, it’s ridiculously easy to use. Intuitive, simple and responsive, the app lets you load wallpapers in a snap, because who has time to wait for a new wallpaper to load? !

No matter what model or screen size your iPhone has, you’ll find wallpapers that fit like a glove. Best of all is the quality of the live effects – we’re talking next-level HD quality 4k footage.

The app is currently available in seven languages ​​and receives constant updates with new features and content. Watch this space for more widgets and watch faces.

With a satisfaction rating of 4.6 and over 5,000 ratings, Flex proves to be a solid choice for those looking for unique inspiration. After all: you and your phone spend all day together. Isn’t it about time he had some TLC?

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