‘Islington loves getting high’: Food delivery app Gorillas highlights ordering habits


In its first spot for grocery delivery app Gorillas, creative agency The Or London brought the weird and wonderful ordering habits of its users to life.

‘Whatever London Wants’ comes a year after Gorillas launched in the city and brings all the data collected over that time to life. Over the past 12 months, 8 million products have been delivered to the capital, and this bold brand activation is creatively digging into the numbers.

The campaign takes inspiration from the online trend of stitching content together to make it intertwined in a humorous way, and uses a series of double meanings that highlight the products people typically order through the app. Viewers find that Londoners love to ‘blow their noses’ (tissue their tissues and gulp down cold and flu products), ‘get high’ (with hipster favorite avocados) and ‘double dip’ (chips in different salsa).

“We’re not like other instant delivery services, so our communications need to be different too. That’s why we decided to work with The Or, who want to do things differently. We dug into our data to uncover fun facts and collaborated with The Or to bring our ideas to life in a playful and provocative campaign,” said Danny Barry, Northern Europe Brand Manager for Gorillas.

“As the data shows, we delivered everything Londoners could want when they wanted it, from late night tea bags to 32 chocolate bars in a single order. This campaign celebrates the fact that we know our customer base , and we’re sure it will inspire others to try the Gorillas app to get the products they want in minutes.

The adverts feature a cast of familiar London natives such as illustrator Mr Bingo, singer Hak Baker and model Mia Wells. The music for the spot comes from local talent Little Simz and the voiceover is Kennington-born rapper Sam Wise.

Amplification of the campaign will come from radio, digital and social coverage, as well as posters and outdoor murals (OOH).

The OOH ads aim to enlighten Londoners about their own habits by revealing more interesting information about how different boroughs relate to each other.

A poster reads: ‘Lewisham let it grow’ and then explains: ‘Order the fewest razors in all of London.’ Another reads: ‘Islington loves getting screwed’, then clarifies: ‘Ordering more lawyers than all of London. 135,598 to be precise.

“Gorillas is a really exciting client for us – an ambitious startup that wants to shake up the market and connect with younger generations in a game-changing way,” added Paulo Salomao, co-founder and CEO at The Or.

“What better way to get Londoners to sit up and take an interest in groceries on demand than to let them know what their neighbors are ordering? It’s a big idea that can rise above the clutter of the industry, and we can’t wait to see it work in London and then in other cities around the world.

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