JR brings an adorable dose of music through his latest track “You Should Know”


Author: Charles Edward

Talented and versatile R&B music artist JR is ready to drop his brand new single “You Should Know” on major music platforms. Follow him to listen to his next album.

Producing the sweet melodic essence of R&B music, J.R. released their brand new single ‘You should know‘. The track is beautifully crafted with smooth digital beats as well as the singer’s soft, sinuous vocals. The subject revolves around wanting a woman while getting to know her better. J.R. admitted that the track is very close to him, which almost makes it the story of his life. Winding vocals through the groove of the soundscape can instantly make listeners dance and fall in love. The track is currently available on Spotify and Apple Music for pre-save and pre-add. The artist is blasting his way to the top of the music industry at full throttle while empowering and embracing his community.

You should know

J.R. has been featured in VoyageSTL Magazine and being part of the family has brought him closer to some of the major artists in the industry such as Neyo, Kash Doll, Zaytoven and many more. Feeding his skills, determination and fun to the best of his ability, he released the latest single ‘You should know‘ which brings back memories of 90s music; a definitive piece for reunions, whether it’s family or old friends. This track is also featured in an upcoming TV series’The agony and the ecstasy’. The next EP Project is also coming out very soon. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, JR has been singing since he was 4 years old. He learned piano and drums at the children’s choir and nurtured to become a seasoned musical artist. According to him, it was not just a career choice for him, but rather a lifestyle that helped him become the humble person he is today. Follow JR on Link tree, ICT Tac, Facebookand instagram to get more updates on his upcoming music projects. Stay tuned on major music platforms for the release!

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