Juelz Shows Off His Bass Prowess On New Track “Eden”


Returning to NIGHT MODE after his single”Pour all nightreleased in 2020, Vancouver producer juelz is back with his new track, “Eden.” Boasting a range of past collaborations with the likes of Tails, Quix and Crane, the producer opts to fly solo on his new single, flexing his personal production and songwriting prowess.

“Eden” is a smash driven by heavy, vocal bass. Juelz explores alternative influence, using overdriven drum kits and trashy hats to add edge and flair to his predominantly electronic output. Dancing through a mirage of sawtooth waves and analog oscillations, the lead vocal shines its own powerful light amid Juelz’s dynamic mix. Deep and heavy lyrical themes are evoked and accompanied by intense drops that beautifully convey the message of the song.

Here’s what Juelz had to say about directing “Eden”:

Eden is about to struggle to find a sense of belonging in a world seemingly filled with selfish people and systems. The Garden of Eden serves as a metaphor for this world in the song. Although dark, I feel like the instrumentation of the song holds a sense of optimism that, although sometimes hard to find, there will always eventually be a place where we fit into this world.

You can stream “Eden” at the link below, anywhere via NIGHTMODE. Enjoy!


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