Juni, the Mambo King releases a new album


A young independent artist, Juni Trejo, comes from Florida, USA.

At 27, of Colombian origin, he has been writing, producing and designing music since the age of 15. He has been carrying unique sounds for several years now, heavily inspired by many well-known afrobeat artists such as Wizkid and also some Americans. pop artists such as Justin Timberlake. Juni has created a new and unique sound he calls Afrojazz, which is heard on his latest “Empire” singles “Looking My Way” and “Fine Girl”.

Besides that, he also loves classic 80s pop and modern pop sound, as he just released a single titled “All Night”, which features a stylish music video with an 80s-like location.

Juni is an absolute prodigy and not only because he writes fantastic melodies, but he also produces all his music himself. Simply put, he doesn’t listen to other people’s beats because he likes his own beats more. Some would call this musical genius, in that rappers such as Travis Scott and Kanye West are also big producers.

Juni is truly one of a kind with its combination of African drum loops, horn and string ensembles, and a mix of smooth rapping and vocals. Juni has dreamed of making music since he was a teenager in high school, believing he could actually make music that would go global. He has toured the film and music scene since high school, from opening shows at the Tribeca Film Festival in Manhattan, NY, to meeting one of his favorite rappers, Lecrae at Misfit: The Conference in Manhattan. also. His 2022 single, Dance With Me, is actually a song he produced entirely in 2015, and he made a few new recordings earlier this year before producing it. Ultimately, Juni wants to bring a sound to this generation that proclaims love, peace, joy, swag and greatness.

Plus, The Mambo King has been a devout Christian for over 10 years now and he’s incorporated a bit of that into his music as well, which can be heard in his song “Empire.”

Music is nothing but uplifting, uplifting and soothing.


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