Kardashians: Kourtney’s children react to the PDA of Travis Barker and her



Fans love keeping up with the Kardashians, but it seems like Kourtney Kardashianthe children could do without seeing their PDA with Travis Barker.

On the May 19 episode of The Kardashiansviewers watched Penelope Disick tell her mother what she really think of them kissing. The candid moment came as Kourtney and her 9-year-old daughter were playing a game of ping pong. Travis then walked in and Kourtney wrapped her arms around him in a kiss.

“Mom!” Penelope said, “No kisses!”

While Kourtney said she only wanted “one” kiss from her love, P told her no. “Sorry,” Travis said. Kourtney then asked her daughter, “What about our certificates you gave us?” However, Penelope always said “no”.

She wasn’t the only one to say something about their tight lips. Later in the episode, Kourtney and Travis had a family dinner with Penelope, Kourtney’s 7-year-old son. Disick Reignand Travis’ children Alabama Barker16, Landon Barker18 years old and Atiana De La Hoya23 years old (in addition to Penelope and Reign, Kourtney shares her 12-year-old son Mason Disick with his ex Scott Disick). And when the founder of Poosh and the blink-182 the drummer started kissing at the table, Reign didn’t hold back his reaction.

“I’m going to die,” he said. “Ew, guys. Can’t you kiss in French anymore? Can you please not kiss in French?”

Hearing the request, Travis told Kourtney, “No French kisses, baby.”

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