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Over the past few years, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have changed their approach to social media. The couple shared more personal and less formal posts on their joint social media accounts in what was described as an attempt to alter their brand image and appeal to a younger audience.

Notably, during the couple’s recent royal Caribbean tour, the posts were written in the first person – and none used William and Kate’s royal titles.

The tour posts appear to be more intimate as if written by the couple themselves, almost as if royal watchers are experiencing the journey alongside them.

William and Kate visited Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas during their eight-day tour which is part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

A message from their visit to Kingston reads: “Already during our short stay here in Jamaica, Catherine and I are delighted to have felt what Bob Marley described so many years ago – the spirit of” One love” that Jamaica has given to the world and that makes this country so special.

“As we heard for ourselves at the birthplace of reggae music last night in Trench Town, when the Rasta drums start playing, you sure know how to have a good time.”

Previous posts shared their social channels often referring to William and Kate in the third person, using HRH titles or using the “Duke and Duchess” rather than their first names.

There had been speculation that the couple copied Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after they established a new royal trend of using social media.

The couple shared less formal posts and even used their now defunct ‘Sussex Royal’ Instagram account to announce the birth of their first child Archie.

However, Kinsey Schofield – who has worked in the PR industry for over a decade – says there is no way the Cambridges will be inspired by the “destructive” Sussexes.

She says that while the Sussexes are “certainly savvy” when it comes to their branding and social media, other cabinet members wouldn’t look to them for inspiration.

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After stepping back from society, the couple made a series of explosive statements about their time as senior royals.

A day after their controversial Oprah Winfrey interview, a statement was released by Buckingham Palace which noted that “recollections may vary” before adding that the issues mentioned would be addressed by the family in private.

The couple have also addressed a range of political issues since stepping down, an unusual feat as traditionally members of the royal family are neutral and do not comment on anything that might be contentious or controversial.

Additionally, Kinsey claims the tone shift undertaken by Cambridges William and Kate brands as “young, approachable and cool”.

She describes them as “qualities that are true” for the Duke and Duchess, but said they were “often hidden behind ceremony and tradition”.

She adds that their approach differs from other members of the royal family, but this change is needed as the monarchy prepares for the end of the Queen’s reign.

She said: “While you can never imagine the Queen or Prince Charles engaging in this way, to ensure the success and longevity of the Cambridges there had to/must be change.

“There’s no denying that Prince Charles’ reputation is stuffy and regal… the Cambridges don’t want to be part of it.

“They will lead with love, which is why I think they want to appear more lovable and warm.”

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall’s social media accounts use much more formal language.

Charles and Camilla are often referred to as “Their Royal Highnesses” or “The Prince and Duchess” or by their full royal titles, rather than their first names.

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