Keith Moon’s lone drum track on The Who’s “Who Are You”


Take a look back at the madman behind the drums, the brilliant Keith Moon. A quote that has always amused us when we think of The Who’s legendary drummer is when he described himself as “the best drummer in the world a la Keith-Moon”. On this isolated drum track, he proves this statement 100%.

The iconic figure of Keith Moon is the one who continues to hover over the rock world. Widely regarded in the annals of rock history as the toilet explosion, Rolls Royce swimming, ‘Moon the Loon’, people are too quick to overlook his talent as a drummer. He’s one of the greatest in percussion, alongside Ginger Baker, John Bonham, and more, Moon has always had his detractors.

The Who drummer has always had a way of ruffling feathers. Whether it was outside of the stage where his notorious antics would see him driving cars into swimming pools, putting explosives in drum kits, and even passing out in the middle of shows or even behind the kit where he was best. Moon always seemed to be rubbing someone the wrong way.

The problem for one corner of the percussion world is that Keith Moon, despite being one of the best that has ever lived, is a bit, well, sloppy. During most of the band’s incendiary gigs, this was attributed to excitement, as they got older their apparent lack of timing was cataloged under the effects of alcohol. But in fact, it was just an idiosyncratic style unique to Moon.

In fact, on records for The Who, where the band are obviously free to tighten and manipulate Moon’s drums as they see fit, the drummer is even more textured and speckled. Rather, he intends to implement his own unique style for each piece he performs. He brought the anarchy he felt and chased from the band into the center of his acting with every show and recording.

The Who’s single “Who Are You” in 1978 was the title track for the band’s last album before Moon’s sudden death. He remains a stronghold not only of the group’s unstoppable first period, but also of Moon’s impeccably chaotic playstyle.

On this lonely track of this song, we can hear Moon’s fleeing train blasting through the airwaves with all the thunder of a steel-plated killing machine, with a furnace driving it and Moon, the driver, desperately trying to keep him on Track.

Listen to Keith Moon’s isolated drum track below on The Who’s “Who Are You”


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