KRISIUN Releases Lyric Video For Track “War Blood Hammer” (July 29, 2022)


KRISIUN Releases Lyric Video For Track “War Blood Hammer”
July 29, 2022

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil-based death metal band Krisiun has released an official lyric video for the track “War Blood Hammer”. Created by Cloud Music Typography, the clip can be viewed below.

Speaking about the song, guitarist Moyses Kolesne said: “‘War Blood Hammer’ follows the same path as the other three singles we released for Mortem Solis. Maybe a bit more tech oriented, but we tried to sound as raw, aggressive and natural as possible, but avoiding all artificial tools like grid editing, emulators, plugins, metronomes. Everything was recorded to give people the real early 90s death metal vibe. It’s not perfect but heavy!!! Today’s death metal sounds too melodic to me, too artificial. The groups are technical but not brutal or aggressive! We want to bring back the real death metal vibe but with a modern approach and make Krisiun relate to it.

Krisiun released his 12th full studio album Mortem Solis (English translation from Latin: “Death Of The Sun”) on July 29, 2022 via Century Media Records.

Mortem Solis was recorded locally at Family Mob Studio in São Paulo, Brazil, and mixed and mastered with Mark Lewis in Nashville, Tennessee.

The cover was designed by Marcelo Vasco.

The list of tracks is as follows:

01. “Sworn Enemies”
02. ‘Serpent Messiah’
03. “Swords in the Flesh”
04. ‘Necronomics’
05. ‘Tomb of the Nameless’
06. ‘Dawn Sun Carnage’ (Intro)
07. “Slaughterhouse Temple”
08. “War Blood Hammer”
09. “As Angels Burn”
10. “Worm God”

Krisiun’s recording line-up is as follows:

Alex Camargo (vocals and bass)
Moyses Kolesne (guitars)
Max Kolesne (drums)

Mortem Solis will be available in the following LP colors; black (unlimited), transparent orange (limited to 300 copies via CM Distro and Webshop Europe), clear (limited to 300 copies via EMP) and gold (limited to 300 copies via Nuclear Blast).

Directed by Estevam Romera, music videos were filmed for the tracks “Serpent Messiah” and “Swords Into Flesh”. Additionally, an official lyric video was created for the song “Sworn Enemies”. All three clips can also be viewed below.

Eleventh studio recording Bane of the Inductees was released in September 2018 via Century Media.

Promotional photography by Maya Melchers.

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