Launch of Fandrum, India’s first AI-powered mobile app for celebrity fans


Fandrum launched an AI-powered mobile app seeking to house the world of fans, celebrities, influencers, ideas, opinions, reviews and entertaining content

Fandrum has launched the world’s first fan-driven and fan-powered social networking app, which allows fans to watch, rate and review all movies, TV shows, songs, sports, characters, stars and favorite celebrities to create fan experiences that are exclusive, entertaining and memorable; connecting stars with fans in an effort to democratize fanhood.

The app brings together all highly interactive online fan communities in one place, giving them a common platform where fans can express their individual thoughts on all common interests in a simple and straightforward way. The app is already available and downloadable from Google Play Store.

The purpose of this application platform is to help fans have specialized experience by guiding them to find and discuss relevant audio-visual entertainment content. Fandrum allows users to create custom fan clubs with a discrete set of rules and goals. It’s like a community gathered together with friendly people who are ready to help, grow and profit. Fans can talk, chat, share personal interests, knowledge and experiences.

Fandrum was founded by Samridhi Katyal and Vipul Chaubey in 2021. Fandrum’s main goal is to “position fans at the top of the channel” and “let the world see the true power of fans”. This initiation revolutionizes the relationship between the star and the fan. We all grew up in a circumstance, we look above and on the stars, which were inaccessible, not anymore! Celebrities are now accessible and reachable with the help of Fandrum.

Along with this, the founders of Fandrum also plan to help broadcasters create content in terms of shows, movies, and songs from every fan’s perspective. The founders’ idea is to revolutionize the way people create and watch content by providing insight to broadcasters by making fans part of the process, not just passive recipients.

According to Vox Media LLC: “Forty-five hours a year is about the amount of time the average American consumer spends choosing what to watch next. You might not think that 7.4 minutes a day is a lot, but overall, Americans are spending more time than ever before simply choosing the next title to click “play” on.

According to iHeartMedia Inc.: “A new UK study shows how many minutes a week and how many days of our lives are spent deciding what TV show and movies to watch at home. A survey of 2,000 people shows that an average week spends 24 minutes and 24 seconds choosing TV shows and another 25 minutes choosing a movie. That’s 100 days of your life sitting there saying, I don’t know, what do you want to watch? »

Given the challenge, Fandrum has also released a patented AI-based algorithm that is embedded in the mobile app itself, allowing users to receive content based solely on their personal preferences and interests. The algorithm analyzes user choices and activities using natural language processing to provide fans with the most relevant information about similar and personalized entertainment resources that are most likely what is being searched for, helping to win time.

Fandrum is now available for free on a Google Play Store app and will soon be available on Apple’s iOS App Store as well.

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