Learn the piano in the metaverse with the PianoVision augmented reality app


There are many ways to learn piano these days – online courseYouTube videos or good old face-to-face teaching with an actual human being, for example – and now you have the opportunity to hone your skills in the metaverse.

PianoVision is billed as “the next evolution of the world’s most popular instrument” and promises to “accelerate your learning” with AR and hand tracking. You can use it in conjunction with a MIDI keyboard or play on any flat surface with the built-in air piano.

Offering a collection of lessons, PianoVision also includes “Sheet Music Insight” to aid your sight-reading and allows you to upload custom songs using the desktop application. Indicators show you which fingers to use to play specific songs.

The VR Music Hall is designed to give you the experience of playing in a concert environment, and there are more halls to come.

Compatible with Oculus Quest and Quest 2 headsets, PianoVision (opens in a new tab) is currently available through the MetaQuest Applications Lab (opens in a new tab), which means it is still in development. Initial reviews seem positive though, so it might be worth strapping on your headphones if you want to start your piano learning journey.

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