Listen to Sonja Midtune’s new Radiant track “Growing Up (For You)” from her upcoming EP “Golden Girl” out November 11

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Los Angeles singer-songwriter Sonja Midtune shared a new single with a luminescent indie-pop track “Grow (For You)”, the second single from his upcoming golden girl EP. The track was inspired by the artist’s desire to move from the sad girl melodies of his earlier releases to a much more radiant and uplifting sound. On “Growing Up (For You),” his warm, sunny vocals lend themselves as much to the song’s dreamy, breezy production as it does to its melancholy-infused folk ballads. Love letter and Dreams fade away EP.


“Growing Up (For You)” reveals the complex crossroads of Americana that Sonja sits at – opening to the dusty beats of galloping drums and the driving glow of myriad guitars. But it’s also steeped in ethereal electronics that haunt the empty spaces between its lush instrumentation. Soak up everything from the radiant echo of vibrant riffs and Sonja’s own glowing croons in her ghostly anthems.

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On “Growing Up (For You)”, she walks in and out of disbelief and cautious hope to the realization that she’s finally found someone worth loving. But the irony of it all is that Sonja still finds herself stuck in her past of shitty relationships. “Old hesitation, I can’t make it go away / I hold a jealous heart, tugging thin air,” she coos. While in line with his new trend of writing happier music, “Growing Up (For You)” doesn’t stop there. Instead – as the title suggests – Sonja simply sees it as an opportunity to grow with her partner.

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“Growing Up (For You)” is the second single from his upcoming golden girl EP released on November 11. Be sure to check out its blithely haunting title track “Golden Girl” for another vintage-tinged track from the rising singer-songwriter.

Visit Sonja Midtune’s website, Twitterand instagram to stay up to date on new releases and tour announcements.

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Listen to Sonja Midtune’s new single “Growing Up (For You)” below!

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