Maha’s health department will use a mobile app to bring transparency in the transfer of staff: Newsdrum


Mumbai, Sep 23 (PTI) Maharashtra’s public health department is developing a mobile phone app, which will be used for transferring its staff and doctors, a minister has said.

Speaking on Thursday, state health minister Tanaji Sawant said the app will bring transparency to the transfer process.

“The Public Health Service is currently developing an application for the transfer of its employees. All staff – from grade A to grade D, from health directors to nurses and ward boys – will be transferred seamlessly once their term ends. .the current service,” he said.

Typically, a state health department employee should hold a position for three consecutive years, he said, adding that those completing their terms can fill in their details on the application and then submit three choice for transfer.

“Each employee will be given a stipulated time to fill in this information from their own login ID for the transfer. The decision on the employee’s transfer will then be made and it will be uploaded to the app,” Sawant said.

Asked about several vacancies in the Department of Health, the Minister said: “Agencies that help at the national level to organize the recruitment exams, such as TCS, Infosys and MKCL, will be delegated to carry out a recruitment process in state.” Nearly 10,000 positions in various sections of the health department are vacant, he added. TNP ND NP NP

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