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Malaysian communication tool ‘tetuang’ among highlights

Published on: Saturday, October 29, 2022

By: Bernama

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KUANTAN: An opportunity to participate and promote a traditional Malay communication tool called ‘tetuang’ on the main stage of the Malaysian Family Aspirations Tour (AKM) Pahang held at the Sultan Ahmad Shah International Convention Center (SASICC) here, was fully used by a traditional art enthusiasts. Kelab Serindit Mati Tersepit founder Noor Azman Norawi, 55, said the device made of a male buffalo horn can produce sound through air vibrations when blown and used to call or transmit information in the past but its existence has since been ignored by the younger generation who are more comfortable with electronic gadgets. “People are more familiar with ‘tabuh’ (gong) or ‘geduk’ (drum) as a communication tool. While ‘tetuang’ was widely used to blow sounds that could convey messages such as during an emergency situation, asking people to hide or as a sign of victory, depending on the length of the sound.

“To blow the ‘tetuang’, you need someone who has a good breathing technique and who has endurance because, in addition to using the technique of lip vibration, the blower must take a deep breath so that the sound produced is not interrupted,” he told Bernama when met here on Friday. Noor Azman, affectionately known as Man Kayan among followers of traditional art, said that “tetuang” is featured in classic Malay films directed by the late legendary Tan Sri P. Ramlee, such as “Nujum Pak Belalang ” and “Panca Delima”. Noor Azman, a native of Temerloh who now resides in Permatang Badak, said here that producing “tetuang” requires precision and specifications that can be matched to the “blower”. “Buffalo horns need to be cut at the base and cleaned to produce a consistent echo when blown,” said Noor Azman, whose passion for the device began in 2008. Noor Azman added that the tools are also used to accompany silat performances as a medium. to elevate the fighting spirit of exhibitors and a profound way to introduce it to the younger generation.


Apart from “tetuang”, the Serindit Mati Tersepit club, established in 2008, also highlights various folk traditional arts of Tok Gajah State, through folk songs performed with traditional musical instruments such as “gendang”. (a two headed drum), ‘rebana’ (tambourine) and ‘keketuk’ (xylophone). Noor Azman, who is one of the entrepreneurs of the East Coast Economic Region (ECER) Entrepreneur and Empower Program in Pahang, also makes traditional clothing to ensure that each performance features a variety of comprehensive Malay traditional clothing. “In order to preserve Malay culture, it is equally important to project the right image so that it stands the test of time. That’s why we don’t wear the same outfit when we perform, but rather diversify the fashion so that more varieties can be exhibited and promoted at the same time,” he said. The Pahang AKM will be held over three days from Friday, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., at the SASICC and the grounds of Darul Makmur Stadium here, with various interesting activities planned throughout the 12th session of the AKM led by the ministry. of Defense (Mindef) ). In addition to cultural activities, there will also be a military exhibition, a service parade by 26 federal departments and state government agencies, 106 sales promotions by small and medium-sized industrial entrepreneurs, Citarasa Keluarga Malaysia booths and sales of food and basic necessities at lower cost. than market prices.


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