MASS WORSHIP First Music Video for New Track ‘Orcus Mouth’ (January 13, 2022)


MASS WORSHIP First Music Video For New Track ‘Orcus Mouth’
January 13, 2022

Stockholm, Sweden-based dark metal band Mass Worship filmed a music video for the track “Orcus Mouth”. Self-produced by live guitarist Niklas Sandin and a continuation of the earlier ‘Revel In Fear’ video, the clip can be viewed below.

“In the midst of chaos, there is solace to be found in the cosmic, carefree nothingness that surrounds us – our daily struggles are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things,” Mass Worship said in connection with “Orcus Mouth” .

Regarding the music video for ‘Orcus Mouth’, Mass Worship added: “Shot partly in old ruins in Stockholm on a very cold December day, and partly in the middle of the night on an old abandoned school theater stage, with With the help of our good friend and collaborator Niklas Sandin, we really got into our creative efforts on this one and it ended up being a hugely cathartic experience for all of us!

Mass Worship releases second full-length studio album Portal Tombs on February 4, 2022 via Century Media Records.

Mass Worship commented, “As human beings, we are approaching a state where we believe in nothing and we don’t seem to consider an alternative. Our elected leaders are simply there to maintain a seemingly perpetual status quo and to seize every opportunity possible to divert our attention from what is important. What is happening behind the scenes is a slow and steady collapse of our financial, political, ecological, spiritual and cultural world. We all know full well where we are going, but we can’t think of an alternative – it’s far too late and far too terrifying to try to stop what has been started. Portal Tombs symbolizes that death is the only true way forward. Mass Worship is an attempt to put humanity’s current state of affairs and suppressed emotional state into music and words. We want to capture the fears, pain, uncertainty and utter disbelief in the future of humanity. As we head into an abyss of our own making, Mass Worship is the soundtrack that will resonate loudest of all.

The title track features guest vocals from Napalm Death frontman Mark “Barney” Greenway. At The Gates, guitarist Jonas Stålhammar is a guest on the track “Orcus Mouth”, in addition to Katatonia singer Jonas Renkse.

The list of tracks is as follows:

01. “Specular Void”
02. “Portal Tombs” (featuring Mark “Barney” Greenway)
03. “Revel in Fear”
04. ‘Orcus Mouth’ (with Jonas Stålhammar and Jonas Renkse)
05. ‘Unholy Mass’
06. ‘Bone Dunes’
07. “Scorched Earth”
08. “Empyrean Halls”
09. ‘Deliverance’

The Mass Worship schedule is as follows:

Claes Nordin (vocals)
Gustav Eriksson (guitar)
Papa Stark (bass)
Fred Forsberg (drums)

Directed and produced by Miles Skarin of Crystal Spotlight, a music video was filmed for the title track.

Self-produced by guitarist Niklas Sandin, a music video was also filmed for the song “Revel In Fear”. Cult in reference to the track.

Both clips can be viewed below.

Mass Worship’s self-titled debut studio album was released in October 2019 via Century Media.

Promotional photography by Monika Polus.

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