McDonald’s wants you to use its MyRewards freebies app


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people to stay home and use apps to get food delivered. This trend has benefited fast food giants, including McDonald’s.

Even after the lockdown was lifted and pandemic restrictions eased, the habit is still a part of many people’s lives, and this is evident in the new advertisement McDonald’s has released in the UK.

Controversial McDonald’s advertisement

The said advertisement is intended to entice the public to use the Mcdonald’s app because when one gets enough MyRewards points, they can enjoy free menu items such as McChicken Sandwiches, Big Macs, McFlurry sundaes, etc.

However, the cheerful and fun advertisement was criticized by critics for promoting poor eating habits. As reported by ZDNet, the ad showed a truck driver eating McDonalds all day while on the road. He has collected enough points to get a free McChicken sandwich which is taken home.

Even though the ad’s agenda is to show the benefits of using the McDonald’s app, ZDNet’s Chris Matyszczyk pointed out that what the fast food giant wants is for the public to constantly use the app. to earn enough MyRewards points for free menu items, and that he “doesn’t set a healthy example for those who would like to live a long life.”

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McDonald’s Rewards Program

The controversial ad is part of the points-based rewards program McDonald’s UK launched in July.

On July 23, the fast-food giant held an event in London featuring several celebrities, such as YouTuber Yung Filly and rapper Mist, who gave away free goods such as designer bags, bucket hats and hats. Bottles of water.

The fast-food giant also gave out MyRewards points at the event, and they can be redeemed for menu treats using the McDonald’s app.

According to The Drum, the fast-food giant plans to reveal more deals via a series of events, including a performance by grime artist Aitch in Manchester and a low-key stunt in London by YouTuber Yung Filly.

The events will also feature McFlurry vans which will distribute free desserts to Londoners.

McDonald’s franchisee director Claude Abi-Gerges said the launch of MyRewards in the UK will give customers the opportunity to earn and enjoy rewards on some of their favorite meals.

Abi-Gerges added that customers could donate their points to three charity partners, enabling them to help many local families in need of free meals.

McDonald’s also held an event in Birmingham on July 28, which social media personality LadBaby attended and gave customers a fun and unforgettable driving experience.

Bringing Chicken Big Mac to the United States

Along with the nationwide launch of the MyRewards feature in the UK, McDonald’s is also preparing to launch the Chicken Big Mac in the US in late August, according to CNN.

The Chicken Big Mac is similar to the original version, but replaces the two beef patties with two chicken tempura patties. It also includes the signature Big Mac sauce, lettuce, pickles and American cheese.

The highly anticipated menu item will be available for dinner and delivery through the McDonald’s app.

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