Moog Music launches production and performance app Animoog Z for iOs and Mac


Moog Music took out the Animoog Z for iOS and Mac, an evolution of the original Animoog app introduced on iPad more than 10 years ago.

Animoog Z comes with a streamlined user interface and cross-platform support, making the app a powerful tool for any musician’s sound design endeavors.

Getting started with Animoog Z is simple; selecting and dragging the orbit path creates endless sonic configurations as the patch moves through an array of timbres. Animoog Z extends the original Animoog’s anisotropic synthesis engine, allowing X/Y/Z axis shaping of unique timbres to create expressive and evolving soundscapes.

Some other notable features of Animoog Z include:

MPE/MIDI support

The Animoog Z now supports MIDI and MIDI Polyphonic Expression keyboards. A MIDI Out mode can control other external instruments using the Animoog Z’s expansive touch keyboard.

Animoog Z 2021 update introduces MPE qualities on its touch surface keyboard. Polyphonic modulation uses configurable scales, key distances, pitch correction, and slippage. Sliding your fingers in multiple directions controls multiple per-voice modulation parameters in Animoog Z directly from the keys. Polyphonic pitch shifting manipulates the exact pitch of each note in a chord by rotating or sliding the fingers.


Animoog Z’s touch pad directs the synth engine through Animoog Z’s X/Y/Z space, creating fluid, shifting sounds. Orbit rate can be independently controlled in X/Y/Z space to create interesting three-dimensional visual shapes. 3D space can yield interesting results, from subtle to extreme voice manipulation.

the Arpeggiator Module is Animoog Z’s built-in arpeggiator with multiple patterns, octaves, time division, programmable syncopation, and melodic motion. The classic four-pole Moog ladder filter is the Moog filter module with high pass, low pass and band pass modes. The chunky mod adds depth, edge, and character to Animoog Z with bitcrushing, detuning, and training. Delay module brings echo and delay effects, and record and play live performances with the Looper module. Recordings can be shared between Animoog Z and other apps, email and messaging.

Stamp Editor

New to Animoog Z, the built-in timbre editor allows users to assemble sounds from a wide variety of timbres recorded from vintage and modern Moog synthesizers. Customize sounds, record timbres or import your own WAV files with the built-in timbre recorder.

The below performance of “Currents” by the Grammy-nominated artist Suzanne Ciani introduces the extended features of the Animoog Z.

Animoog Z is available for iPad, iPhone, Mac, as AUv3. A VST wrapper is available for integration into all DAWs supporting AUv2, AUv3 and VST3.

An introductory price of $9.99 unlocks all features of Animoog Z on the App Store. Find more information about the Animoog Z on the Moog Music website.

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