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The mountain bike found by the police on East Bank Road.

Give them a place to go and mount them. It’s a sport like football, boxing or dancing, why stop it? Jack Kane has plenty of room to make a track that people can use and even reload them.

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Catch the bike illegals who break into vans every weekend and steal workers’ tools.

Our governments are clearly not doing enough for communities – youth or adults.

Edinburgh council should buy/let Broxburn bing. Fence it in and have parking/facilities/toilets etc like Drumclog in Lanarkshire. Have a reservation system and checks at the gate so that illegal road users cannot gain access. One of the main problems is that the guys in the city don’t have access to transport. Get one of the council vans and ride a bike only to pick up and drop off around town. Van could do a loop, Pilton, Leith, Gilmerton then Sighthill. Bikes are dropped off in Bing’s secure parking lot, ready for collection and enjoyment by owners. Back in reverse. I’m not saying this will fix illegal cyclists on the road, but it will certainly reduce illegal driving while giving these guys an official place to ride. Drumclog does well with limited opening days, so why not the same at bing. People traveled from all over the country to ride bings which, in turn, would bring money and jobs to the area.

This is a regular occurrence at Sighthill Park. Almost every night, black-faced bikers terrorize people. I hope the police stop them too because sometimes we can’t sleep because they go up and down until midnight.

Three motorbikes driving up Lothian Road to the Meadows, passing cars wheeling up.

How can they get points on their license when they don’t have any?

The police and government must crack down on lawless e-bikes/two-wheeled scooters and the growing number of vehicles carrying goods, food and babies in general. It’s free for everyone.

He should be ordered to pay a fine, or if he is a minor, his family. There is no excuse for driving them. Let them insure the motorcycle so that they bear the costs in the event of an accident.

A man from the capital has been given community service after he was found guilty of beating his dog who had to be put down.

Some people should never have the privilege of owning a dog. Public Service? Really, he should be imprisoned.

Maybe he could do some community service by feeding the zoo lions!

Should be banned for life! Poor dog! What a pathetic excuse for a human being! Seriously, how bad does animal abuse have to be before the courts start handing down a proper sentence?

Community service, seriously? The justice system has no respect for animal welfare.

Why are these people not imprisoned? I hope this would send a message to other low lives.

Community service is again the easy option. He should be in jail for the harm this little dog suffered at his hands.

He should have been imprisoned and let the prisoners take care of him.

How bad does the abuse have to be for an owner to face jail time and be banned from owning animals for life? She was so abused that she had to be shot. No justice.

Seriously? Community service for that? Just ridiculous. Should be in jail and permanently banned for life from keeping animals. The prosecution is expected to appeal the sentence.

In jail and throw away the key. Horrible excuse for a human.

People in the justice system don’t make sense to me. It’s brutal violent and then it continues to humans. This little dog was petrified of him and it continued for years…brutal and shocking.

Absolutely shocking sentence. Jail should have been the only option!

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