Musicsketch launches Musicsketch notation app


NAMM 2022: first Musicsketch notation app for Musicsketch

MusicSketch officially launched the Musicsketch Notation app at NAMM 2022 and is expected to make life easier for creatives. Developed in Anaheim, California, Musicsketch is a creative and easy-to-use app that allows music producers to jot down musical ideas on the go.

The Musicsketch notation app is the best and easiest tool to bring quick ideas to life and is a handy tool if you don’t feel comfortable writing musical notations. With the app, you can simply decide what key your notation should be in and start laying down notes in 3 different modes. Either you take the DIBO mode, which is short for Direct Input Board, Piano mode or Chord mode for notating musical scores.

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In addition to this, Musicsketch has enhanced the possibilities of the application with an excellent collaboration mode where you can export your musical scores in Musicsketch format, PDF, MIDI, audio or music XML code to quickly brainstorm ideas. Additionally, you can export Whole leadsheets for musicians and publish them. All in all, Musicsketch Notation app will enhance every collaboration with its easy handling and various export modes and will facilitate collaborations between artists who don’t feel so confident in writing chords.

The Musicsketch Notation app is for sure a very good solution for most musicians and is available now in the Apple App Store for $1.99 per month Where $14.99 paid annually.

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