NEWS: Celestial North drops new track ahead of debut album


After releasing two singles earlier this year, celestial north shared the atmosphere’Yarrow.‘This track shows a different side of the artist compared to the two singles released earlier this year’When the gods dance‘ and ‘The nature of light.’ His debut album will be released later this year.

The Edinburgh-born, Kendal-based artist says of the track: “I often think in music’. My thoughts are usually flooded with colors and sounds. I was sitting trying to meditate, or contemplate, next to the yarrow in my garden. I had trouble expressing how I felt and started to feel a little frustrated. I decided to sit down quietly and start over. I realized that I didn’t really have any words to write as such but I had a melody playing in my head. I decided to record this tune on my piano and added other elements which I think benefited the song – a bodhran drum, a choir, the rustle of yarrow and recorded roses in my garden and some simple electronic sounds. This botanical soundscape is representative of what I felt when I sat with the yarrow and the tune played on the piano is the tune that played in my head as I sat with the plant.”

Video of the track can be seen below

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