NHL player surprised by Metallica drums for 500th game


NHL Boston Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask recently hit the huge milestone of playing his 500th game. The team’s most successful goalkeeper of all time received a celebratory surprise when he received a replica of the drums from Lars Ulrich of Metallica before the start of the game.

The pro hockey player is an avowed Metallica fan and Ulrich’s drum technician Jimmy Clark shared some photos of the special moment on Facebook (see below), expressing his joy at being able to present Rask with the purchased kit. by the player. teammates.

The Bruins also shared a nearly three-minute clip of former teammates congratulating Rask on completing this milestone, with Ulrich dedicated a post at the very end of the clip.

“Hey Tuukka. Lars Ulrich from Metallica hits you – congratulations on 500 (500 !?) NHL games. It’s crazy, cool and amazing. So thanks for being a Metallica fan. So on behalf of Kirk [Hammett], James [Hetfield] and Rob [Trujillo] and myself, congratulations on all 500 NHL games and see you somewhere, ”said the drummer.

In the clip below, the goalkeeper expressed his love for metal legends, naming Metallica as his favorite band while recalling a very special time when he was the band in Finland.

“Well, I don’t listen to music any more than in my car and in the locker room. I listen to everything, but my favorite band is Metallica – I love them,” said Rask.

“The first time was in Finland and I had never seen them live and I got to know the Aerosmith tour director who knew someone from Metallica and they bought us tickets so we ended up watching the concert from the side stage in the tour, “he said, adding,” So we were sort of looking at the crowd and the band below us so it was just a fantastic experience to see Metallica. Then a few months ago we saw Metallica in Boston. “

Watch Rask’s surprise reaction as he is presented with Ulrich’s replica kit.

As Ulrich said, Metallica will be back on the road soon. The group have a number of world tour dates and US festival appearances and frontman James Hetfield, who entered rehab last year, is expected to make a public appearance at an exhibition recently announced in an automobile museum. Head here to get tickets for one of the band’s upcoming concerts.

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