Nostromo shares track from first new album in 20 years


Official press release:

Swiss metalcore quartet Nostromo release a new stormy track from their new offering Bucephalus – which is released this October 28 via Hummus discs. “IED” for “Intermittent Explosive Disorder” concerns mental disorders leading to irrational outbursts of violence. Get ready for the beating!

The new single “IED (Intermittent Explosive Disorder)” delivers disturbing riffs and brutal vocals. Nostromo’s violence-infused sound showcases the project’s exceptional virtuosity and intelligence, comprised of precise riffs, overpowering drums, bouncy bass lines and intense, tortured vocals.

The group explains:

“In Psychiatry, Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) designates a behavioral disorder characterized by outbursts of anger and/or violence, which can go as far as rage, totally disproportionate to the given situation. Impulsive hostility n is not premeditated and is defined as a disproportionate response to any provocation, real or perceived.An IED is also an explosive device manufactured by terrorist organizations or isolated individuals.

The song deals with the underlying bipolarity of each individual. A bipolarity capable of exploding at any moment. Initially the main idea of ​​the track was to go for an ultra brutal grind and after 10 minutes of rehearsals the middle part was found and the track became what it is now. A song in the exact line of what Nostromo sounds now: more direct, always with syncopated parts. The working title was “Spokytokélabouèbouett”. We are happy to give a disc to the first who will tell us why. Single available on streaming platforms here.”

Nostromo’s new album ‘Bucephale’ is the band’s first album in over 20 years, since 2002’s ‘Ecce Lex’. Darker than their previous albums, the record perfectly blends extreme and black metal. The two sound universes merge with intelligence and maturity to produce a constant osmosis during 10 brutal and technical titles. ‘Bucephale’ is peppered with top-notch collaborations with heavy psychedelic unit Monkey 3 on “Asato Ma” and ritualistic ambient artist Treha Sektori (Church Of Ra) on “κατάϐασις” (read Katabasis). The latter also designed the work via his artistic project Dehn Sora.

Nostromo’s next album ‘Bucephale’ was engineered by Raphaël Bovey (Kruger) and Pedro Tomé, recorded at Noise Palace Studio, Gimel (Switzerland), mixed by Raphaël Bovey at My Room Studio, Lausanne (Switzerland) and mastered by Lad Agabekov at Caduceus Studio, Gimel (Switzerland). Illustration and layout by Dehn Sora.

Formed in 1996, Swiss quartet Nostromo emerged amid a bubbling hardcore scene fueled by high-octane bands like Knut and Shora. They quickly demoed and released a 7″, followed a few years later by their first studio album ‘Argue’ (1998, Snuff Records). Their EP ‘Eyesore’ was released in 2000 via Mosh Bart Industries/Bisect Bleep, before their split EP with French grindcore quintet Blockheads (2002, Shogun Records). Complex and technical, their masterpiece “Ecce Lex” was released the same year on Overcome Records. Top-notch musicality as well as uncompromising production – engineered by Mieszko Talarczyk of Swedish grindcore unit Nasum – elevated the album to an extreme metal benchmark.Somewhere between Napalm Death and Meshuggah, Nostromo’s skill and fury hit the mark. touring tirelessly across Europe; live appearances alongside legends such as Slayer, Motörhead, Mastodon or Converge shaped the four behemoths into a phenomenal live. Nostromo released “Hysteron-Proteron” in 2004 on Overcome Records. The album brings together e acoustic versions of f songs taken from their previous releases. A successful and acclaimed risk-taking.

In the mid-2000s, Nostromo broke up due to unresolved tensions within the band. They reunited 11 years later for an informal private show. A few photos posted on social media were enough to set it all off: Gojira jumped at the chance to invite them on their tour, shortly before the mighty Hellfest added them to its 2017 lineup. Galvanized by this substantial interest, Nostromo rose from the ashes and released his EP ‘Narrenschiff’ in 2019.

Nostromo recently signed a deal with Swiss label Hummus Records (founded by the band Coilguns) and announced the release of their fourth studio album “Bucephale” on October 28, 2022.

Bucephalus track list:

1. Ship of Fools
2. IED (intermittent explosive disorder)
3. In Praise of Betrayal
4. κατάϐασις [featuring Treha Sektori]
5. A Sun Rising in the West
6. Per Sona
7. Lashon Hara
8. Kingdom of Mist
9. Decimation
10. Asato Ma [featuring Monkey 3]

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