On World Book Day, Soul App shows Gen Z the power of reading


SHANGHAI, April 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — “How to Win Friends and Influence People gave me the courage to surpass myself and profoundly changed my life. said Melody, a Souler (Soul App user) who participated in the World Book Day campaign launched by Soul App. Soul App encourages its users to engage with SOUL’s mission and values. This year, the 27and World Book Day, Soul App launched its “A Book Light Up My Life” campaign to encourage all users to share a book that has influenced their lives. SOUL hopes this initiative can allow every Souler to take a step back from the daily hustle and bustle and reflect on the values ​​and insights the books have given them, and why they would like to be part of SOUL.

The week-long campaign starting on April 18and aimed to encourage Soulers to enjoy the fun and power of reading and to make new friends by sharing their reading experiences. SOUL rewarded each entrant with a World Book Day-themed profile frame and gave the top three most popular Soulers Soul Coins to purchase virtual items on the social platform. Since the first day of “A Book Light Up My Life”, SOUL has welcomed users from around the world to share their personal book stories and reading plans. You could say that “sharing makes a book shine”; these stories from all corners of the globe opened Soulers’ eyes to a larger world and limitless potential for life. The sharing activity brought together book lovers with similar tastes, resulting in many friendships.

Inspired by the books, they take action to protect the blue planet

A Named Souler The Starry from Japan believes that grow old with you changed his way of life. A poetic love story, the novel ends with the message that climate change will leave Japan submerged, prompting The Starry to think about how underdeveloped countries without advanced technology can cope with rising sea levels. With this question in mind, The Starry conducted a series of research and calls on Soulers to do its part to protect the environment: “it’s not a bad idea to ride a shared bike or take public transport”.

After leafing through Rising, Linda realized that an environmental change could trigger a series of crises, such as coastal erosion. If this happens, low-income residents along the coasts will become the first wave of refugees. To avoid such a nightmarish scenario, he goes to great lengths to educate the Soulers about the environment as a first step towards ecological conservation.

Encouraged by books, they believe in courage

“Reading gives me the courage and strength to keep going,” Tracey said. Drawing his courage from love in tibetTracey from Malaysia had a cross-cultural romantic relationship. The person who recommended the book is none other than Tracy’s partner.

Another Souler who knows Dale Carnegie How to make friends and influence people by heart, found the courage to negotiate a desired job offer even after a failed interview, then met his other half in the company.

By conversing with books, they know more about themselves and the world in general

Chris’ favorite read is silver puppies, a witty history book that he read a lot as a child. Subconsciously, the book gave him a vague idea of ​​money management, fueling his interest in finance. Ten years later, he joined a business school before forging a brilliant career in finance.

The design wasn’t Ann’s original choice, but she changed her mind after reading Design Design, which does not show how to design but exposes readers to the power of design. Through this book, Ann developed a passion for design and turned that passion into a career by starting her own design studio.

During the “A Book Light Up My Life” campaign, some users have expressed their views on reading, some have broadened their horizons, and some have made good friends with whom they can share the pleasure of reading. In the era of mobile internet, Gen Z are eager to discuss their opinions and see what might result from different ideas interacting, enriching their social lives with knowledge and wisdom. It’s a living reflection of SOUL’s mission and SOUL is committed to providing an innovative solution that empowers users to express their authentic selves and draw inspiration from each other’s creativity. The campaign “A book illuminates my life” is definitively best practice.


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