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You never know who you’re going to meet in Rosalind Park on a balmy April evening, though a small crowd probably didn’t expect two drummers to rehearse with equipment made entirely from discarded trash. JUNKSTORM’s Dean Stanton and Bohdan Dower were getting ready for a performance during a free day of fun for the waste warriors on Thursday. The day will also include garbage trucks on display, Plasterama craft activities, and a bouncy castle. See the video: JUNKSTORM’s distinctive platform is a concoction of trash cans, empty pots, pipes and other materials that are found in or attached to milk crates and hand carts. “Where a lot of other unwanted percussionists will have their rigs sprawled out on the floor, we thought it would be nice to have everything on wheels, set up and ready to go,” Mr. Stanton said. “That way we can refine as we go.” The pair has had its ever-changing platform for about a year and a half. “It started with just one crate and a few pieces. It slowly morphed into the monstrosity it is today, ”said Mr. Stanton. Mr Dower said part of the fun was walking around recycling yards looking for things that made sound. The trick was to find an object, touch it and see if it contained music. “An object has to rest on the ground, or it has to be attached to something. This often affects the tone, so something can sound great, but you have to sit down and hit it a dozen times. “It’s really just hitting things. Everyone loves to hit things. Foam had been attached with many items on the platform to help things bounce freely, creating different sounds. And when it all fell into place, it was easy to get lost in the rhythm. “I’ve tried doing the unwanted stuff on my own… and it’s so much better when you have two people playing at the same time,” Mr. Dower said. “There’s this sort of magical, syncopated thing that happens when you start hearing rhythms you never knew existed in what you were doing.” JUNKSTORM plans to perform two half-hour sets on Thursday at Hargreaves Mall, from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. The Waste Warriors event runs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.


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