Online Premiere: The Unanswered Question: Music and Poetry from Searching and Peac


If you can’t join us for the live concert on Sunday November 20, you can still enjoy it online from 7 p.m. on Saturday 26 as an online premiere. The link will also be live on demand.

Directed by our acclaimed director Brian MacKay, The Unanswered Question: Music and Poetry of Searching and Peace will bring together the Irish Doctors Choir and Orchestra Northwest for what promises to be a one-of-a-kind concert not to be missed.

We begin the week with a welcome from the Mayor and an opening address from Children in Crossfire CEO Richard Moore.

Richard’s story will launch us on a journey of the futility and destruction of war, beginning Da Pacem Domine, a universal prayer for peace over the pain and suffering of all humanity during turbulent times. Poetry readings by local actors will explore the search and beauty of the unknown, with fear and hope at the same time.

Dona Nobis Pacem, Movements 2 and 3 (Beat, Beat Drums and Reconciliation), uses the poetry of Walt Whitman, in an optimistic and declamatory description of the overwhelming effects of war on people, their homes and their countryside, followed by a compassionate musical message of ultimate reconciliation culminating in a plea for peace.

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Ralph Vaughan-Williams, this musical giant of the 20th century, so it is fitting that we also perform his first piece, Toward the Unknown Region. The previous two pieces show Vaughan-Williams versatility, musically portraying drama and tranquility, both with profound pathos. However, Toward the Unknown Region is a soaring and inspiring celebration of soul freedom, a truly fitting climax to this return to live performance.


Richard’s story

Da Pacem Domine, Arvo Part

The Unanswered Question, Charles Ives

To beat! To beat! Drums! & Reconciliation, movements 2&3 by Dona Nobis Pacem, Ralph Vaughan-Williams

Towards the Unknown Region, Ralph Vaughan-Williams

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