Opening of the online baby store ‘Penny & Drum’


Jan. 7, 2018

Bermudan Ilona Perry has spent the past ten years in various roles within the entertainment industry in Los Angeles and Montreal, including that of screenwriter, scout, actress and producer.

His latest project is equally creative, but also appeals to his business acumen. From January 6, she launched an online baby store that looks at unisex clothing called Penny & Drum.

The company is based in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles where it has lived for eight years. Silver Lake was considered by Forbes magazine as the hipster capital of the United States and is also known for its progressive politics, which drew Ms Perry to the region.

Ms. Perry says, “My store is an organized boutique with quality and practical pieces that move away from the hyper masculine and hyper feminine clothes that are considered old fashioned now.

“Many celebrities name their children with unisex names and even Kate Middleton has dressed her son George in pink. Times have changed, but retailers aren’t keeping up.

“In my own shopping for family and friends, I found the lack of unique items that did not perpetuate toxic gender norms very frustrating and took it upon myself to collect what I was looking for in one place. . Having choices is essential. How else can you express yourself without choice? “

She further explains, “The name Penny and Drum is a direct recognition of my home country, Bermuda, and my personal values ​​of fostering individuality and inspiration.

“The penny is a nod to the characteristic pork penny of our island. The drum is a reference to the saying “dance to the beat of your own drum”. The motto of my company is: “Let the children be what they are!” “

“I am convinced that each person deserves to develop without limits imposed on the basis of racism, sexism or homophobia which are part of the same system of oppression. Every personality and potential is individual, and we are doing the world a disservice when we refuse to allow growth.

pennyand drum

“Even in the little things, like the clothes we choose to dress our children, have hidden messages about what it’s like to be a girl or a boy.

“There is no reason to impose the idea that girls are weak and delicate, and there is no reason to believe that boys are incapable of behaviors beyond violence and control.

“If we are to empower our young people to be healthy, whole human beings, we have to start from the beginning. I can only hope that the effort will snowball into a more inclusive and loving society with a place for all. “

Penny & Drum was launched on January 6, 2018. The website is

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