Pandamart and community app Olio collaborate on food waste management solution in Singapore


Singapore’s leading online grocery cloud store, Pandamart by Foodpanda, has announced an innovative partnership with free sharing app Olio to minimize food waste in Singapore. As part of this collaboration, Pandamart will donate unsold food, which will be redistributed to the local community through the community app.

Why food waste is so important and how brands are stepping up

Throwaway culture is a disease of the developed and developing worlds, and is key to solving many economic problems such as hunger and malnutrition. Food waste remains one of the largest waste streams in Singapore and according to data, it generated over 660,000 tonnes of waste in 2020, or around 11% of the total waste generated.

Brands are mobilizing to meet this challenge and seek to co-create collaborations and innovative solutions.

One such solution is the ongoing partnership with Olio, which is helping Foodpanda scale up its efforts to support Singapore’s Zero Waste Master Plan and keep excess edible food from ending up in landfills.

Olio has been popular for fostering a positive sharing culture, where users are encouraged to be considerate and ensure that any donated edible items are something they would also be comfortable consuming themselves.

Over 100,000 people in Singapore are already using Olio to counter the throwaway culture by sharing food and non-food items (e.g. furniture, clothes, school items) with others in their immediate community.

How Collaboration Works

The initiative is based on the redistribution of food surpluses, which would otherwise be thrown away, to the local community.

This food, which includes perishables that are approaching their best before date and canned goods with minor packaging defects, will be collected by Olio’s “food waste hero” volunteers on set days and times, uploaded to the app and redistributed to households and the community. groups for free.

First tested in December 2021, the program has already redistributed almost 400 kg of food, providing the equivalent of more than 900 meals to 180 local families – from just one Pandamart store.

The partnership will be extended to include all 15 Pandamart stores in Singapore by the end of 2022.

Experts speak

Laura Kantor, Director of Marketing and Sustainability at Foodpanda Singapore, said: “While we do our best to ensure that the supply we buy from Pandamart coincides with the demand of our customers, it is inevitable that we have surplus food that will not be sold. Instead of throwing it away, we can reduce food waste by redistributing it. The partnership with Olio allows the brand to do this effectively.

Kantor added, “Reducing food waste is one of the key pillars shaping our sustainability agenda at Foodpanda, and we want to play a bigger role in supporting Singapore’s plan to become a zero waste nation.” .

Tessa Clarke, CEO and co-founder of Olio, said, “Singaporeans are eager to embrace a zero-waste lifestyle and the traction we saw in the trial with Pandamart is a great testament to that.”

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