Paradiddle, the buildable VR drum kit app, launches on Quest and PC VR


After five years in early access, the VR drum app Paradiddle comes out of Early Access on PC VR and for the first time on Oculus Quest.

Paradiddle began in early access on PC VR in 2017. Over the past five years, developer Emre Tanirgan and his team have continued to perfect the app that gives players access to a self-build drum kit tool. even where they can build the drum kit of their dreams, and even build “impossible” drum kits (like merging a drum and a cymbal to play both sounds at once).

Paradiddle is part instrument, part teacher, and part game. The launch version supports MIDI in/out (on PC for now, but possibly Quest in the future) for serious drummers who want to connect things like bass drum and hi-hat pedals; drum lessons for beginners, for those wishing to learn the instrument for the first time; and even a rhythm game mode with a “highway of notes”, custom songs and leaderboards. Here’s an overview of the app’s rhythm game mode:

Although you can imagine playing the drums without physical feedback is a challenge, Paradiddle proved capable in the hands of serious drummers, leading to some impressive performances:

When it comes to audio quality, the app pays special attention to the subtly different sounds that a single drum can produce; according to the developers, “Each drum plays different audio samples depending on various factors, such as the strength or the part of the drum that was struck. Almost all the drums in the app have over 100 variations of audio samples based on these settings, resulting in the natural sound you get when playing.

In addition to a range of flippers players can use, Paradiddle also includes instruments like xylophone, marimba, and glockenspiel, and auxiliary percussion like bongos, tambourines, and timpani.

Paradiddle 1.0 is available now on PC VR via Steam ($25) and Quest via App Lab ($20). Asked about the price difference between the platforms, the developer said he wanted to give Quest users a discount on App Lab before it hits the main Quest store. PC users also got a discount when the game was in Early Access.

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