Pharrell Williams and Travis Scott, “Down In Atlanta”

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Pharrell Williams and Travis Scott Pharrell Williams and Travis Scott join forces to put together a truly compelling hip-hop single, “Down in Atlanta.”

“Wwatch them fly from the sky, while we line the wall / Like confetti, as it falls, let them go with everything…” Woo! 🎙 Pharrell Williams is again! He enlists the services of 🎙 Travis Scott for another intriguing 2022 single, 🎵 “Down in Atlanta”. Keeping under three minutes is enough time for the two compelling artists to drop a VIBE.

Pharrell Williams and Travis Scott “Down In Atlanta” begins with that signature Pharrell Williams intro – the four-stroke! In particular, the listener only hears three out of four beats accented with the bass drum. After the intro, the record is set in a 6/8 meter (eventually 12/8). Travis Scott rides rhythm and backdrop well, dropping his melodic rap flow drenched in vocal effects. It seems like it’s been forever since we’ve heard from Travis. This is completely understandable. Beyond the vibe Scott serves, what about Pharrell on the production side? Williams works the beat as well as the synths.

Final Thoughts 💭

fire sunglassesAll is said and done, 🎵 “Down in Atlanta” contrasts with other hip-hop songs currently being released. This, of course, goes with the territory of a Pharrell Williams record. Even so many years in the game, Williams still manages to cook up forward-thinking bops. “Down In Atlanta” is not the second coming, but Scott and Williams make a formidable team. It’s an atmosphere!

3.5 out of 5 stars

🎙 Pharrel Williams and Travis Scott🎵In Atlanta” • 🏷 Colombia🗓 18.11.22
[📷: Brent Faulkner, Columbia, The Musical Hype, OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay]

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