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Genre-bending Las Vegas act Amarionette celebrated the arrival of their dynamic new album, Gemini last month. Their third album in four years and second since the arrival of singer Issy Berry, the aptly named Gemini easily dances between funk pop ballads, nostalgic 80s-inspired synth leanings, and explosive progressive post-hardcore riffs in a way only Amarionette can. It’s a timeless, up-and-coming release that further solidifies the band’s space in just about any genre they want, proving once again that they can fit into any scene they see fit.

Now that Gemini had a few weeks to soak up longtime listeners and new fans alike, Amarionette brings you a track-by-track exclusive from the album, diving deeper into all twelve songs. Learn a bit more about the band and the new album below. Gemini is available to stream now HERE.


Simple was the first single we released for the album, simply because it was the first track we finished. We had demoed the song two years ago and immediately knew it was a really strong single. There was no direct lyrical inspiration from the start, but as the writing process started to go on, this track became more about the ebb and flow of a relationship.


Monster was the second demo we had for Gemini. The music had been done for almost a year, and Issy wrote the hook a few months ago and we were all sold. Lyrically, this song is very simple, and we can conclude that these are the darkest parts of a tumultuous relationship.


Criminal is all about playing the victim and not holding yourself accountable for your actions. Musically, this song is one of the hardest tracks we’ve ever written. We pushed ourselves to the best of our musical abilities and we think it shows.


Peaches was the first song we demoed for Gemini, and it was originally intended to be on the final album. However, it was never recorded and it ended up being part of Gemini. It’s the first song Ron has ever written a moog synth part for, and it’s a great, eerie, pop ballad that fits our retro synth-wave desires.


We weren’t sure at first if Catastrophe was going to be part of the album, but the end product was amazing! We loved Joey Holiday’s feature and it’s probably the most edgy post-hardcore song we’ve written in years. Believe it or not, this song was originally intended to be an acoustic track, but it didn’t end up being that. Our older fans will eat this piece.

“Save me”

Rescue Me is probably the truest ballad that Marionette has ever written. It’s very moody and again draws inspiration from a failing relationship that seemed impossible to get out of. The music video for this track is one of our favorites, and overall we love this song for what it is.

“Move on”

Moving On is our rock/alternative radio ballad which (in my opinion) is the best song written on the album. Much like the title, the song is about getting out of a relationship that wasn’t working out. From start to finish, this song makes you want more, and I hope our fans have it on repeat.


The title track Gemini is the eccentric of the record lyrically and musically. I think all music lovers will love the progressive rock influences and the space-themed lyrics will take you on a crazy journey. Overall, it’s a very solid prog-rock track that we’re proud of.


Settle Down is perhaps the most underrated track on the album. Listening to this track shows many sides of Issy vocally and really showcases her range and rock sensibility. This song was intended to have a guest vocal, but ultimately worked seamlessly.

“You’re not alone”

You Are Not Alone was inspired by Roe V Wade. It’s not the easiest Marionette track to listen to, but it shows our ability to reach other avenues we don’t often visit. Musically this is perhaps Ron’s best work and Joe did a phenomenal job on drums.

“How many times”

How Many Times is another dormant track that was completed very late. It was one of the last demos recorded, and it was the last song that Issy completed with lyrics. It’s a soft track, but the chorus probably won’t leave your head.

“The Beauty of the Masquerade”

Beauty of the Masquerade is collectively one of our all-time favorite tracks. It’s such an epic album up close! Just wait until you hear the chorus hooks of the powerful ballad from Nick’s guitar, Melodie and Issy’s vocals, which work perfectly together. The biggest part of this song is that none of us thought it would be as good as it is.

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