PocketDrum is a portable drum set


This new creation here is something that we are sure many of you have imagined before. Those guys who grew up playing with a band in their garage will know how important it is to follow your passion and still be able to keep the peace with your parents and neighbors.

These days, musicians are lucky because they have digital versions of their instruments. They can now use headsets so that only they can listen to the noise or the music they make. Electric guitars, keyboards, and drums are lifesavers.

Start playing the drums with a pair of electric drumsticks

For drummers, this is not always easy to practice. In fact, you would need a set, be it acoustic or electric, just to be able to play the drums and cymbals. But what if you can train with just a pair of chopsticks? No, make these digital chopsticks. Now that would be totally rock.

The PocketDrum is here your portable battery. These are your very personal “batteries” that you can take with you everywhere. With the help of a compatible app, you can make happy noises without disturbing the people around you. Just make sure you don’t hit them and you’re good to go.

PocketDrum works wirelessly and quietly

The PocketDrum works with the AeroBand app. You can instantly connect to a telephone table via Bluetooth 4.0. When connected to headphones, expect everything to be quiet. It is also very light at 100g per stick. The device is made possible by a new algorithm for calculating space and an inertial AI chip.

Play in three different modes of your choice: Free, Game, and Tutorial. Don’t worry about other people when they say it doesn’t sound like the real thing. It’s different, but you’ll get the experience when you start with that crash cymbal, snare, kick drum, high tom, and closed hi-hat.

How does it work again?

PocketDrum offers a unique portable battery experience. Chopsticks are very responsive to movement, including force of the blow.

The PocketDrum team worked with professionals, both technological and musical, to deliver more realistic sound. It really is a drum set in your pocket. Drumming anywhere and anytime can be fun. It’s also handy because you don’t need to buy a bulky battery just to learn the basics. PocketDrum can be a perfect Christmas idea for that teenager or that friend who is looking to learn or improve by playing the drums.

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