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New Delhi, Oct 18 (PTI) Lok Sabha Chairman Om Birla on Wednesday suggested training tour guides and designated police personnel in multiple foreign languages ​​and developing a multilingual app for tourists visiting India feel comfortable.

In his address to the opening session of a one-day national conference on tourism policing, which was attended by senior officers from various states and union territories, he said efforts must be made so that no crime is committed against a tourist.

“Many foreign tourists, especially those aged 50 to 60, want to speak in their own language, so it is important to be multilingual according to the needs of tourists and our policy should take this aspect into account,” Birla said. . .

Accordingly, if guides and tourist police personnel can be multi-lingual or can learn basic phrases in several foreign languages, a tourist can be better facilitated and he will also feel more comfortable when interacting. -he declares.

“Similarly, an app can be developed in several major foreign languages ​​through which any tourist when coming to India can download the app in order to get basic information about tourist places and other necessary information in their language of preference. This app may also have a hotline that tourists can use to contact relevant authorities immediately,” the Lok Sabha Chairman said.

Birla said India is blessed with extraordinary natural and cultural heritage sites, in addition to iconic monuments, but for any tourist, the first and most important factor in choosing a destination is law and order. from the country.

“If a place does not have a lot of impressive sights or a large number, but the law and order is good, then a tourist will consider going to that place. But if a place has a lot of natural sights and attractive destinations, but the law and order situation is not good, so tourists will not prefer this place as a destination,” he said.

During the conference, best practices and experiences from some states, which have established their own tourism police, will be shared, officials said.

Senior officials from Meghalaya and Rajasthan made presentations during the opening session and shared their learnings and challenges.

Union Culture and Tourism Minister G Kishan Reddy said in his address that different states and union territories should try to engage in “healthy competition” in implementing best practices. tourism-related policies to improve the experience of tourists, both domestic and foreign.

He pointed to the harassment faced by tourists due to a few unscrupulous elements such as middlemen who deceive them or some taxi or rickshaw drivers who try to scam them. He also pointed to incidents of abductions at many religious and other sites.

Reddy stressed that all stakeholders must come together to provide a good experience for tourists so that they praise India, its hospitality and its culture when they return to their country.

The Department of Tourism, in coordination with the Department of the Interior and the Bureau of Police Research and Development (OPR&D), is organizing the National Conference of Directors General/Inspectors General of Police Services from all States and Territories of the Union “as part of the implementation of Uniform Tourist Police Scheme” at Vigyan Bhawan here, the ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.

During the conference, the report on the “tourism police program” prepared by the BPR&D will be discussed and he will share the conclusions and recommendations of the report with the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Tourism and representatives of the governments of the States and administrations of the territory of the Union, according to the press release.

Union Minister of State for Tourism Shripad Yesso Naik, Tourism Union Secretary Arvind Singh and Director General (BPR&D, MHA) Balaji Srivastava also attend the event.

DGs, IGs and other senior police officers and senior officials from the tourism departments of many states and union territories, as well as other senior officials from both departments, BPR&D were also present at the conference. PTI KND SZM

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