Premiere: A Fragile Tomorrow shares new track and video, “Fraying Wire”


Premiere: A Fragile Tomorrow shares new track and video, “Fraying Wire”

New 33 rpm It’s better that way was released on July 15

Jul 06, 2022

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Next week, long-time indie art rock band A Fragile Tomorrow are back with their new album, It’s better that way. Arriving after a number of line-up changes for the band, including the departure of founding member Dominic Kelly, the record finds the band expanding their style into a broad collage of genres.

As frontman Sean Kelly explains, “It’s an album that I think is the best synthesis of the band we’ve always been and the interests we’ve always had. There are rock songs, folk songs, loops and samples, mandolins, acoustic guitars, synths, pure pop songs in the vein of songwriters like Neil Finn, a song heavily influenced by the duo Madvillain hip-hop, and rattling angular new wave-y. It really is an amalgamation of everything we love and everything we are interested in exploring.

Ahead of the album’s release, the band also shared a final single from the record, “Fraying Wire”, premiering with Under the Radar.

With “Fraying Wire,” the band delivers some of its most emotionally charged tracks to date, offering a pointed reflection on the political corruption and violence of the January 6 riots. The track revolves around an anxious and angular guitar line, reinforced by knotted bass lines and scintillating synth passages. Vicki Peterson of The Bangles is also in the mix, providing shimmering backing vocals to Kelly’s confessions. Lyrically, Kelly captures the frayed nerves, searing anger and overwhelming exhaustion that define our current political moment 一 “I’m a fraying thread / I’m a nation on fire / It’s a little too late.”

“Fraying Wire is probably the song I’m most proud of on the record. It’s a direct response to the events of January 6, 2021 and it’s really just that I’m ashamed and embarrassed by the United States. I was thinking about the fact that we really don’t have any real rebellious political figures in this country who are fighting the system and fighting for the rights of workers and disenfranchised people. What January 6 showed us is that the “rebellious” side of the coin is made up of rather delusional individuals, unfortunately ill-informed and alienated from society. It’s a sad thing, and something I felt compelled to write.

The video features footage from our Dreamland live session at West Hurley, NY from December 2021, and it’s a lyrical video in nature; something I was excited to do for this particular song. I just felt proud of the lyrics in a way that was unique to “Fraying Wire.” The lyrics to this song were too powerful not to be boldly displayed.

Check out the song and video below. Iit’s better that way releases everywhere on July 15.

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