PreSonus launches Notion Mobile, a free composition app that lets you create standard music notation and guitar tablature


PreSonus has unveiled Notion Mobile, a freemium cross-platform music composition tool that builds on the blueprint set out in Notion for iOS.

By cross-platform, PreSonus means more than just Windows, macOS, and iOS/iPadOS, as Notion Mobile also works on Android, ChromeOS, and Amazon Fire OS devices. You can compose using both standard music notation and guitar tablature, and switch between operating systems at will.

In fact, you can transfer scores wirelessly between any device running Notion Mobile, Notion desktop, and Studio One.

For playback purposes, Notion Mobile offers piano and orchestral sounds recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios, as well as samples of guitar, bass, drums and other instruments.

When creating your scores, Notion Mobile provides unlimited staves and a full suite of editing features. You can input notes, rhythms, and fingerings using the interactive piano keyboard, guitar fretboard, or drum pad. A chord library is designed to make it easy to enter chord names and voicings.

You can also add coins using optional handwriting recognition, available on phones, tablets, and computers.

PreSonus Notion Mobile

(Image credit: PreSonus)

Notion Mobile’s interface can be customized in various ways. You can adjust icon size, show a dark or light score area, place the note palette on the right or left side, increase the width of piano keyboard keys and more.

You can also take advantage of a palette of articulations, expressions and dynamics to promote realism, while the multitrack mixer lets you balance the levels of your instruments.

Although you can download Notion Mobile for free, if you want to go beyond the main sound library and access all the features, you will need to purchase the optional feature pack. Along with a more extensive sound library, this adds handwriting recognition, multi-format file export, and the aforementioned wireless file transfer. PreSonus Sphere members get it as part of their subscription.

Learn more about the PreSonus (opens in a new tab) website.

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