Release of the album “Pogadhe” by C. Sathya


Chennai, March 16 (IANS): Music director C Sathya released a single album titled “Pogadhe” for the first time, featuring actress Ammu Abirami in the lead role.

The song caught the eye because it’s the first time that Sathya, who composes music for a series of films, has found the time to compose music for a single.

Set against the backdrop of nature, the song which was directed by Rasu Ranjith, who previously wielded the megaphone for the 2021 film “Theethum Nandrum,” aims to express and spread love.

Written by Lavarathan, a rising lyricist in Tamil cinema, the song was performed by Shivai Vyas, one of the music composers for Salman Khan’s ‘Race 3’.

On what prompted him to try his hand at a single, Sathya says, “It was mainly because of the requests from my fans. They kept asking me on my social media pages to do an album. make their wish come true, I did ‘Pogadhé’.”

Speaking about the song, Sathya said, “The whole process from ideation to execution to final product took us a month. The song took shape really well and everyone gave their all. best of themselves. I’m sure everyone will appreciate it.”

The song was released on Wednesday to coincide with Ammu Abirami’s birthday (March 16).

Interestingly, the song will also have an NFT release on NBICOIN.COM.

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