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Horizon Worlds, Meta’s flagship ‘metaverse’ app for AR/VR platforms, is not meeting internal performance targets and struggling to retain users – reports The Wall Street Journal (Going through CNBC).

The information comes from internal company documents that have been reviewed by The newspaper. According to these documents, Meta was aiming for 500,000 monthly active users in Horizon Worlds by the end of this year. Currently, the application is only frequented by less than 200,000 users per month.

Horizon Worlds is Meta’s standard bearer for company CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of the metaverse. The app is a virtual reality made up of many spaces, called “worlds”, where users can work and play together, engaging with each other as avatars.

Unfortunately, only 9% of the app’s “worlds” are visited by at least 50 people, and the majority are never visited at all.

Moreover, Meta does not seek to establish a stable user base either. Most users who join Horizon Worlds do not return after the first month, and user numbers have been steadily declining since the spring. A report last week indicated that Meta couldn’t even hook its own employees to Horizon Worlds, let alone actual users.

Meta has had a tough 2022, with its share price falling 62% so far in the year. The tech giant’s advertising revenue has also taken a hit since Apple made major changes to third-party tracking policies on its devices.

Meta is cutting both jobs and budgets across the board in response to its recent economic challenges, but the Metaverse remains one of the company’s top priorities.

At the Meta Connect 2022 event earlier this week, the company unveiled its next-generation Meta Quest Pro VR headset. The new headset might spark renewed interest in Horizon Worlds, but it’s aimed more at professionals, especially with its hefty price tag of CA$2,299 (US$1,499).

Meta also announced plans to release a web-based version of Horizon Worlds for mobile devices and desktops later this year, but there’s no word yet on official launch dates.

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