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How much does President Biden not love America? Count the paths.

Last week, our fake rallying chief called about half the country — Republicans and all of Donald Trump’s red-capped supporters — semi-fascists.

His press secretary — the person who has the impossible task of trying to clarify, excuse or backtrack on Biden’s daily gaffes and deranged attacks on his fellow Americans — later said the president wasn’t exaggerating. using the word political political.

“When you look at the definition of fascism,” she said at a press conference without knowing what fascism is, “and you think about what is [Republicans] what they are doing by attacking our democracy, what they are doing by taking away our freedoms, by wanting to take away our rights, that is what it is.

Of course.

Everyone knows that Trump was just another Hitler and that the millions of “Make America Great Again” Republicans who voted for him are “a threat to our democracy.”

Earlier this week in Pennsylvania, Biden delivered another political hate speech.

As part of his nationwide tour to rally support for Democrats in the midterm elections, he presented his long-awaited federal plan to tackle the nationwide crime wave — you know, the one created by “progressive” Democrats. who have spent the last few years defunding or decimating police departments in cities across the country.

This time, Biden has fired a low blow at the millions of Americans (of both parties, by the way) who champion the Second Amendment because they believe — as the Founding Fathers did — that a well-armed population is crucial to keep our own government in line.

Biden has mocked so-called “right-wingers” who are fighting his proposal to federally ban weapons that look like “weapons of war” but aren’t — especially the hugely popular semi-automatic rifle. automatic AR-15.

Saying Second Amendment rights aren’t absolute, Biden said, “You can’t buy an automatic weapon. You can’t go out and buy a cannon.

“And for those brave right-wing Americans who say, ‘This is about keeping America…independent and safe, if you want to fight the country, you need an F-15, you need something something little more than a gun.

Virtually everything Biden says — or reads — makes sense. But an F-15? The tactical fighter plane? Is this what we would need to fight against a despotic American government?

People ask what’s wrong with America. The answer is “A lot”.

In this case, Biden was essentially threatening the American people by saying, “Go ahead, try to take over your government. We have bigger guns than you. We have F-15s.

Republicans railed against his statement on the F-15, which is similar to those Biden has made before in his senseless crusade against gun rights.

Democrats and liberal media cheered at the right time, of course. They truly believe in the myth that half the country — the red half they fly over in their private jets — are evil insurgents who would rampage through Washington and level it with artillery next weekend if they could.

President Biden is not only beside himself, he is scary. He and his anti-gun allies are tricking so many Americans into buying guns that it’s nearly impossible to find one to buy — legally.

I don’t need new weapons. I have mine – and I like to shoot them.

In fact, right now, this Labor Day weekend, I’m photographing the dove in the California countryside, south of Palm Desert, in the desert town of Brawley.

September 1 was the opening day of dove season and for almost 30 years I have been on these hunting trips at this time of year with my family and friends.

I eat what I shoot and I did not graduate from the Dick Cheney School of Bird Shooting.

And in case anyone reads this column to the President, they should know that I brought my Model 870 Remington 12-gauge shotgun, which he so kindly says I’m allowed to use to protect my house. But please tell him I left my F-15 at home in the garage.

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