Roanna Hawk lands first no-race betting prize at Enniscorthy Greyhound Track


There was a very large turnout in Enniscorthy last week on both nights, and the glorious weather made greyhound racing very enjoyable.

he big event of the week was the John Doyle Memorial Unraced Stake final on Monday, with a top prize of €3,000.

The favorite going to the traps so far was the impressive Roanna Sheiler and, after an average break, he showed his first gears to lead.

He opened the second corner to get clear and it looked like he was home for all the money. However, Roanna Hawk gave a strong back chase and closed out to be only a few lengths behind Sheiler through the lower turns.

Hawk managed to score a fine four-length success from outside reserve Tommy Surprise, the favorite slipping away to finish a well-beaten fourth in a sluggish 29.31 -0.20. You can never predict what will happen in a final, and this race certainly proved that.

Thursday night’s card got off to a strong start as the ever consistent Marfield Trent took his win total to ten in determined fashion.

He was rushed up the trap climb and took a bump in the opening corner, so he had a lot to do turning third into the second corner.

Hes A Devil and Seagrave Oscar fought hard in front and Seagrave got the better of that to lead into the third turn.

But Marlfield was not to be beaten as he snuck inside Hes A Devil on the final corner and then raced out of Seagrave to take a fairly comfortable win at the end with a good 29.01 -0 downturn ,20. Owner Caroline Fielding is certainly having a lot of fun with this man.

Enniscorthy trainer Davy Morris had been a little quiet lately but bounced back with a nice one-two victory in races two and four.

First, Drumkeen Mike was a wide-margin and impressive winner as he was kicked out of the trap climb and then ticked into turn two.

He had a lot to do to catch Could Be Jade who had a nice four length lead at the back, but Drunkeen took flight and just passed the leader to score by ten lengths in a slow 29.16 -0.20.

Dark Treasure was also an easy winner in race four. Coming out of the six-box trap well, he continued to assert himself at turn two and ran six lengths from the correct in 29.04 -0.20 slow.

Ballinabola Bolt finished second in the stayers’ classic at Shelbourne Park on Saturday night’s Corn Cuchulainn Final, winning a handsome €3,000 prize.

And he could have been closer than the seven and a half lengths he was beaten by if he hadn’t run very far from the second corner.

In the end, he did very well to clinch second place overall, and Brendan Murphy certainly had a blast with this ultra-regular dog.


First race, Welcome to the Enniscorthy track, A2, 525: 1, Ballymac Tiara (owner, Bernard Farrell, Dublin; trainer, Patrick Whelan, Enniscorthy), 29.08; 2, Tomahurra Wolf, 29.22.

Race 2, Find us and follow us on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), A8/10, 525: 1, Reality Storm (owner, Paul Quilty, Piltown, Co. Kilkenny), 30.09; 2, Dream Katie, 30.10.

Race three, Our 2022 Development Member Fundraiser is now open, A7: 1, Ashwood Star (owners, John Doyle Snr. and Patrick Doyle, Gorey; trainer, John Dunne, Enniscorthy), 29.61; 2, Lord on time, 29.89.

Race 4, Greyhounds are excellent pets, A5, 525: 1, Annagh Fantasy (owners, Terry Rossiter and Declan Sherry, Piercestown; trainer, Anton Butler, Rathaspeck), 29.56; 2, light stroke, 29.70.

Race five, next Sunday’s meeting is July 31 at 7, A6: 1, Avongate Tyson (owner, Michael Colfer, Broadway), 30.11; 2, Jet Skyview, 30.12.

Race Six, John Doyle Memorial Unraced Stake Final, ON2: 1, Roanna Hawk (owner, Mark Lowther, Drayton Holloway; trainer, Patrick Norris), 29.11; 2, Tommy Surprise, 29.39; 3, Roanna Blitz, 11:40 p.m.

Seventh race, bet on the tote, A4: 1, Ashwood Lily (owners, John Doyle and John Dunne, Enniscorthy), 29.39; 2, Monamolin Bell, 29.43.

Race eight, good night and safe journey home, A3: 1, Dalcash Dotcom (owner, George Roche, Barntown), 29.10; 2, Metric Sherpa, 29.17.


First race, Welcome to the Enniscorthy track, A1, 525: 1, Marlfield Trent (owner, Caroline Fielding, Enniscorthy), 28.81; 2, Seagrave Oscar, 28.95.

Race two, Find us and follow us on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), A5: 1, Drumkeen Mike (owner, JJ Scully, Kilkenny; trainer, Davy Morris, Enniscorthy), 28.96; 2, Could be Jade, 29.66.

Race three, All practice must be booked through the office, A5, 525: 1, Rains Annamay (owners, Ned and Ben Freeman, Enniscorthy), 29.21; 2, Tomahurra Lilly, 29.42.

Race four, Bet on the Tote, A4, 525: 1, Dark Treasure (owner, Jimmy Flynn, City of Waterford; trainer, Davy Morris, Enniscorthy), 28.84; 2, Spiral Glideaway, 29.26.

Race five, Race every Monday and Thursday for the summer months, A4: 1, Tomahurra Robin (owner, Evan Kehoe, Enniscorthy; trainer, Donal Kehoe), 28.99; 2, Ballyrobin June, 29.27.

Sixth race, next Sunday’s meeting is July 31, A3, 525: 1, No Filter (owners, John White and Tom Lambert, Killinick; trainer, Joe Anglim), 28.94, and Monagate (owners, The Monagate syndicate, Enniscorthy), 28.94.

Seventh run, #thisrunsdeep, A3: 1, might be quick (owners, John Kearney and Peter Davies, Co. Wicklow), 7/29; 2, Tomahurra Cole, 29.21.

Eighth breed, Greyhounds are excellent pets, A2, 525: 1, Brother Joe (owner, George Roche, Barntown), 28.64; 2, Confident Rains, 29.06.

Race nine, good night and safe journey home, A2: 1, Kiltrea Sydney (owner, John Doyle, Enniscorthy), 28.68; 2, Salah Be Slick, 29.10.

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