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On the heels of his comeback track “Estranged”, Rockwell partnered with MC Novelist for her second single of the year, ‘Peak’.

It’s an atmospheric and commanding introduction that includes synth hits and harmonic variations courtesy of Rockwell, which establishes an inviting soundscape for the novelist to cover his fast bars.

His bars take a swipe at the government for the state of the fairs, with a timely echo, rapping “The price of everything is going up, I had to add another zero to my fees, I’ve had enough…the government don’t care.” don’t care, they don’t want to see or hear a brother win” with a resounding sample screaming how “the general public in this country knows they’re under attack.”

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“With a couple of my more recent productions, I’ve tried to strip things down, taking a more thoughtful approach to adding elements and making sure that everything that makes the cut an integral part of the track “, says Rockwell of the collaboration, available now. Going through Outdated medium.

“I find it hard to express what an honor it is for me to collaborate with Novelist on ‘Peak’, and from the recording session we did, the bars reflected the instrumental and came together effortlessly”.

Born in the West Country and now based in London, Rockwell fell in love with drum ‘n’ bass while attending university in Bristol, before encompassing a swirling mass of influences on his 2015 debut album ‘Obsolete Medium’. It was a mix of exploratory drum ‘n’ bass, hyperpop, trap, halftime and techno, with 2020 seeing the EP ‘Isolation Ritual’ offer a taste of his current sound.

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Rockwell’s collaboration with Novelist, “Peak,” is out now. check it out here.

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