By Paul Gover

The touring car legend’s son is back to doing what he knows and loves.

It’s been a while since Rod Jane strapped himself into a race car.

More than 10 years, when he thinks about it.

But he’s back, racing the Carrera Cup in the Pro-Am class with a giant grin after two second-place finishes at Winton.

“It’s a fun story,” Jane begins with AUTO ACTION.

“We didn’t have a driver for one of our cars. So my wife Penny is like, ‘Why don’t you drive it?’ So I set up a test with Mick Ritter from Sonic. And here I am.

“Now Penny swears she was kidding . . . “Jane, of course, never really quit racing.

He’s been a long-time supporter of Sonic Motor Racing cars in the Carrera Cup, supporting multiple champions along the way, and no one should ever forget his ownership of Calder Park and the Thunderdome.

But his wild days in AUSCAR and NASCAR are deep in the rearview mirror and even his time as a Super2 racer is a fading memory.

So why exactly is Rocket Rodney, now 50 and with four amazing kids, back on track?

Because he can, of course. Because he likes it, of course. Because it’s a total break from his life as CEO of the Bob Jane T-Marts empire, not so obviously.

“Life is short. If you don’t like it, don’t,” Jane says. a great way to store everything else.

“Everything else” is a lot when your name is Rod Jane.

Besides her family, a new kelpie, her giant business interests and Calder Park, Jane Jnr has been mired in one of Australia’s most messy family feuds in recent years.

The last years of Bob Jane’s life were chaotic and combative, and it impacted everyone, including Rod. He has many memories of his father, but they all boil down to one thing: love.

“When I was about nine years old, he dragged me into his life and I never really left. I’m proud of my dad. I miss my best friend,” he says.

Bob taught Rod how to build a business, how to win in motorsport and what commitment it takes to be successful in anything in life.

“I never really left. I always do something.

Rodney Jane reflects a lot more on his dad Bob and also talks about his cousin Kim and Calder Park in the full News Extra feature.

The full story can be found in the latest edition of AUTO ACTION on sale at your local news agency now.

For more motorsport news, see the current issue of Auto Action.

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