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Runi Salem
is the brainchild of Memphis, the small but boisterous singer-songwriter from Memphis, Tennessee Kacee Russell. Her writing touches on the topics of unrequited love, abandonment issues, longing, longing and disappointment, but also empowerment. There is considerable upside in Russell’s performance and attitude; she comes across as someone who doesn’t wish to be seen, but her convincing voice suggests she has a lot to say and isn’t afraid to say it. Russell writes captivating lyrics and melodies that boldly cling to the emotion from which they spring.

The first single, “Birds”, was released on Friday, November 18. The song arrives with a catchy drum beat and indie guitar riff that immediately gets stuck in your head. Kacee’s voice blends seamlessly with the instruments, making the song an instant hit. Of the track, the artist says:

“The song was written in 2016 in Cleveland, Ms. We were all huddled together in my friend Dylan’s living room, writing for a band then called Sage boy. I wrote the lyrics and melodies for their music. I was counting on abandonment issues, and what I would later discover was love addiction. I’ve always had the weirdest time figuring out people coming and going in my life, and I’ve always been dramatic about it, too. Hurt, Disappointed, Betrayed, etc. This song came out as a sort of defeated hope and that’s kind of how my music tends to come out. I believe there is a duality, a hand-in-hand nature between hope and defeat, love and fear, peace and letting go of control. Runi Salem means “secret knowledge of the peaceful and complete”. It’s a song about friendship and learning to believe that the people I need in my life will always come back. I hope someone can resonate with this.

Listen to “Birds” below:

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