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New Delhi, Aug 12 (PTI) The Supreme Court on Friday agreed to hear a motion filed by a defendant, who is the alleged creator of the Sulli Deals app, seeking the bludgeoning of FIRs housed in Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra with the first recorded FIR at Delhi.

In July 2021, an FIR was recorded by Delhi Police and it was alleged that on a hosting platform ‘Github’, a program named ‘Sulli deal of the day’ was created where photos of several Muslim women were uploaded without their consent, allegedly for online auctions.

Later, in January this year, another FIR was filed by the Delhi Police in relation to the ‘Bullibai’ app and it was alleged that the content of the app was aimed at insulting Muslim women.

The Supreme Court has asked for responses from Delhi, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh on the plea of ​​Aumkareshwar Thakur, who sought to quash FIRs filed in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, or any other complaints filed in any the country regarding the Sulli deals app.

During the hearing of the case, a panel of Judges SK Kaul and MM Sundresh observed orally that there are different offenses as there were multiple uploads and the people, whose photos were uploaded, are the aggrieved party .

The bench, which said no investigation would remain in these FIRs, issued a plea notice and posted it for hearing after three weeks.

Thakur, in his plea settled by lead attorney Rajeev Sharma, said that multiple FIRs and Sulli Deals app complaints have been filed against him in various states regarding the same incident.

“The relief sought in this Brief Petition relates to the judgment rendered by this court in ‘TT Antony v. State of Kerala’…for the annulment of all identical or similar FIRs except the first…and that only one investigation can be pursued,” says the petition, written by lawyers Sahil Bhalaik and Tushar Giri.

Alternatively, the petitioner has requested that all subsequent FIRs be bludgeoned with the first FIR recorded by the Delhi Police in July last year.

“It is argued that the successive registration of FIRs in Delhi, UP and Maharashtra goes beyond the scope of Sections 154 and 156 of the CrPC (Code of Criminal Procedure) and is a case that shows abuse of statutory investigative power by different agencies investigation,” the plea said.

He said two FIRs, one filed in Delhi and the other in Noida in Uttar Pradesh relate to alleged offenses regarding the Sulli deals app.

The plea says that two more FIRs have been registered in Delhi and Maharashtra respectively for the alleged offenses regarding the Bullibai app.

The plea stated that the Delhi Police case was that a certain Neeraj Bishnoi, who was arrested under the FIR in relation to the ‘Bullibai’ app, disclosed Thakur’s name and alleged that the petitioner was at the origin of the creation of the Sulli deals application, which allegedly fostered enmity between groups on religious grounds.

“The filing of successive FIRs will ensure that the petitioner will be investigated and prosecuted for the same offense in multiple jurisdictions across the country and as such has violated the fundamental rights of the petitioner enshrined in the Constitution,” he said, adding that the petitioner has no connection with the alleged offences.

He said the first filing filed in Delhi in July 2021 could be treated as the main FIR and subsequent FIRs could be waived. PTI ABA ABA RKS RKS

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