SEPTICFLESH Releases Music Video For New Track ‘Neuromancer’ (March 25, 2022)


SEPTICFLESH Drops Music Video For New Track “Neuromancer”
March 25, 2022

Athens, Greece-based symphonic death metal band Septicflesh have filmed a music video for the track “Neuromancer”, which can be viewed below.

Speaking about the song, guitarist, clean vocalist and lyricist Sotiris Anunnaki V said, “A technologically advanced society, where morality declines and crime thrives, is the ‘stage’ of this song. The main character suffers from severe neural damage. In order to receive a cure, and to be able to physically reconnect to the global network, he accepts an obscure hacking mission. After all, the virtual reality data space, to him, is more like his home.

“The backbone of the song was structured on the 12-string guitar. The main melody and the various emotional tones of the song were designed on this more organic sounding instrument. Then, after the arrangement decisions were made, the song turned out as you hear it. Besides the strings, brass and other standard orchestral sections used, a mandolin plays a major role in setting up the climax of the addictive chorus and super-heavy main riff. Plus, there’s a more theatrical interaction with the various vocal styles in our arsenal in this song.

Septicflesh releases 11th full studio album modern primitive May 20 via Nuclear Blast Records. The release will be available in various formats and can be pre-ordered here.

The list of tracks is as follows:

01. “The Collector”
02. ‘Hierophant’
03. ‘Self-eater’
04. ‘Neuromancer’
05. “Coming Storm”
06. “A Desert Throne”
07. ‘Modern Primitives’
08. ‘Psychohistory’
09. “A Dreadful Muse”
10. “Hi”
11. ‘The 14th part’
12. ‘Coming Storm (Orchestral Version)’

The range of Septicflesh is as follows:

Seth Siro Anton (vocals and bass)
Christos Antoniou (guitar and orchestration)
Sotiris Anunnaki V (clean vocals and guitar)
Psychoon (guitar)
Kerim “Krimh” Lechner (drums)

A music video was filmed for the track ‘Hierophant’, which can also be viewed below.

‘Hierophant’ tells the first part of the story written by guitarist and clean vocalist Sotiris Anunnaki V titled ‘Salvation’. It depicts the experience of a high priest, acting as a human conduit between Heaven and Earth. Never having heard a single word from the mouth of God, he grows weary of preaching the preordained words of the clergy. He turns to performing primitive and powerful rituals that have long been forbidden, as he seeks guidance from a chaotic elemental consciousness. The second part of the tale will be unveiled with the track ‘Self-Eater’.

Regarding ‘Hierophant’, vocalist and bassist Seth Siro Anton said, “’Hierophant’ is the result of experimenting with ideas that have been haunting our minds for quite a long time. Eventually they matured, leading us to create one of our darkest compositions. It’s a rhythmic song with heavy, secular riffs, layered with melodies reminiscent of the chants of mystical ancient civilizations like the Egyptians.

Guitarist and orchestrator Christos Antoniou added: “We thought it appropriate to add a heavy ritualistic element to the song. Thus, from the first second until the end, the orchestration concentrates 100% on its dark task, creating a grandiose atmosphere and putting the listener at the center of this forbidden ceremony.

Tenth studio disc Codex Omega was released in September 2017 via Season Of Mist (outside North America). The North American issue was handled by Prosthetic Records.

Promotional photography by Stella Mouzi.

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