Sibol’s League of Legends team on course for another esports medal


MANILA, Philippines — Sibol’s League of Legends team, West Point Esports, are one win away from giving away their third gold medal after beating Malaysia, 3-1, in the League of Legends semi-finals.

The first game of the best of five semi-finals saw Malaysia with a dominant opener, backing Sibol from a corner, 8-24.

Sibol led most of the time in game two and got an ace at 20:39 but struggled to break through the Malaysian defense. A 27th-minute siege saw Sibol side three but Hezro “Parzival” Canlas’ damage was enough to level the series, 21-11.

Sibol continued to control the map in game three. Hoping to turn the tide, Malaysia engaged in a team fight after Sibol took on the Baron in the 30th minute only for Sibol to score an ace and ultimately the game at 25-6 to take them to match point .

Wanting to end the game, Sibol took a 5-0 lead and once again took control of the map. A Malaysia tactic to take off Jan Edward “Cresho” Hortizuela backfired on Sibol scored an ace.

The Malaysian team retaliated by robbing the Baron. Hoping to end the match, an impatient Sibol attempted to besiege the Malaysian base to be just three members of town, giving Malaysia a chance to take control of the map. A baiting tactic from André “Calumnia” Soriano forced an engagement and Sibol scored another ace to end the match, 24-9, booking his ticket to the final.

Sibol will face Vietnam or Singapore in the final on Sunday, May 22 and is assured of another medal for the esports event.

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