Song of the day: Flexinfab — “Me too”


Young North Dallas rapper Flexinfab personifies hype culture with this flashy, over-the-top trap track about making money.

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Flexinfab – “Me too”
RIYL: To turn.
What else do you want to know: Flexinfab — real name Fabricio Rojas — has been in the rap game for about six years and has racked up nearly half a million views on YouTube alone. His single “So Did I” has a strong trap influence, similar to the rest of his discography.

The music video‘s opening image is a stack of money passing through a banknote counter – a narrative of what the main focus of the song will be. Flexinfab then appears shameless in his Gucci belt and hype-ass sneakers, knowing that his mission in life is to pull off stunts.

This song begs to be played on a huge sound system so its trap drums can rock the room like an earthquake. Each bar is confidently delivered by the young rapper without hesitation as he reassures everyone that he is making tons of money. “I guess you made a lot of money, me too,” he lets people know that they’re not special and that he’s on top with them – a little higher, even. Usually that kind of smugness can be a deterrent, but you’ll be too busy jumping on the trail to care.

The icing on the cake is the decor of the video. It was made by DopeMoneyViews and shot at the Please Come Home streetwear store in Galleria. A shop filled with expensive clothes and accessories, it’s the perfect setting for a song about the bank. Hell, when Flexinfab posted the video on instagram, he wrote that he “ended up buying these cool grays.” He seriously deserves the “flex” in his rap name.

This song is also representative of the rest of his music. Especially his 2018 album Gutter boy. To verify “Outta Ya Mind” with Trippie Redd. It’s a banger, just like this song.

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